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    my Ghostbusters props

    Sorry if someone already addressed this. I bought the PKE Meter from Spirit Online and overall it looks pretty good and the effects are decent for the price. Once I pop off this silly belt clip it'll be a good to go for a convention! However, if you're going to order something from Spirit...
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    X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    UPDATE: DH helmet looks fantastic, and he even sent me some beautiful decals that matched my intended color pallet. Here's the template I designed: And here's my helmet after DH's decals: Still need to be painted, and then the capital ship kill decals will be added along the edge of the...
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    OT X-wing Pilot jumpsuit

    I just bought my Anovos flight suit at WonderCon and it's pretty baggy. I'm 6'6 and fairly slender, even buying a shirt at Target is frustrating. The Anovos costumer and I measured my sleeve and inseam and found that the XL would be the perfect length if not the most fitted body. I spoke to...
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    X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    I just joined the RPF, and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I'm also looking into DH's helmet and chest box, even the com pads. xbadcardx that helmet looks great! I'm looking to custom paint mine as well, taking some inspiration from Blue Leader, General Merrick's Rogue One design...