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    Blade runner 2949 paper props

    Thanks :thumbsup
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    Blade runner 2949 paper props

    Does anyone have any paper props from this movie they are willing to share, especially Sappers photo of Rachel and her child,,if you don't wish to add them to this post please DM me. They seem hard to find. Thanks to you all.:thumbsup
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    Indiana Jones Free Paper Props Outdated or Missing?

    There are some nice props here,enjoy:thumbsup
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    The Babadook pop up book

    Anyone interested in a Babadook pop up book should go here
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    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    I've always found this guy's stuff is good,unfortunately he is in the UK. This guy is in China Hope this helps.:thumbsup
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    My Paper Props are turning up on eBay!!!

    It's really split into two groups those that enjoy sharing and wouldn't think of recasting and those that come here to solely rip off the good guys for a fast buck. I think PM to download is the only safety net an artist has,at least this way the artist has some way of monitoring who has their...
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    RECASTER ALERT: TIM GRAY ebay id timothyagray/spaceageprops

    Alternatively,just report it to ebay that this guys a thief.That way they will try and stop him registering under another name.Let's not let one or two of these pirates spoil our hobby.:thumbsup
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    Looking for the V For Vendetta "Strength through unity ..." poster

    Here you go ( I have no idea who's work this is and if the owner wishes me to take this down I will.):thumbsup
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    Protecting Paper Maps

    You could use mylar sheeting ( used in museums for documents ) something like this A3 Blank Mylar stencil sheets x 12 (Sheet size 29 x 42cm) Cut your own stencils | eBay or for smaller items you can get mylar comic covers (10) *sparkling clear* resealable quality mylar bags for CGC comics |...
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    Godfather news paper help needed

    I don't know who's files these are,I'll take them down if there is any disapproval. Anyway,here you go.:thumbsup
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    Harry Potter DVD Covers

    Not really the place for this request,but anyway try this - The CD Covers & DVD Covers Source! :thumbsup
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    Looking for a high-res shepard feiry Iron Man Hope poster.

    I think this what you are looking for:thumbsup
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    James Bond 50th Anniversary Paper Prop Challenge - COMPLETED

    Just wondering if you would be interested in recreating one of these First is a Casino Royale invite and the other is a bond from Die hard Thanks for looking:thumbsup
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    bioshock infinite mag covers

    I know not strictly props,but nice covers for gaming fans. enjoy:thumbsup

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