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  1. Borjis

    Visitors laser gun v. 1 & v. 2

    Is there a list to get on, to buy one of these from you? I've sent a pm once. Would like to buy a firing version.
  2. Borjis

    This is why I hate steelbooks

    I don't care for them either. The ONLY time I do get them is when I have no choice (no standard version) or additional content unavailable any other way.
  3. Borjis

    Star Trek: Picard

    Saw most of it. To me it felt like Ron Moore came back (and Ron would NEVER do this) and took the new BSG concept /style and applied it to star trek. It looks really good for sure. Will tune in further and see what happens. That scene with the girl & Picard first meeting it felt like he...
  4. Borjis

    Studio Scale Farmhouse Martian Electronic Eye from George Pal's 1953 THE WAR OF THE WORLDS

    That looks great! Do the eyes open and close? LOL at the cylon photo.
  5. Borjis

    McQuarrie Boba Fett Concept Helmet - Colour?

    Gloss white seems to be it. Look around 1:36 for reflections in the helmet and armor.
  6. Borjis

    “Scariest” Twilight Zone episode

    Ya that creeped me out as a kid for sure! (faceless woman on Charlie X). That one with Billy Mummy when he turns the guy into the jack in the box scared me as well, as a kid. Nightmare at 20K feet probably the worst one. Especially the scene where the window shade is down and the shat is...
  7. Borjis

    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    Did they make it out? I was under the impression those that wore that armor are now dead.
  8. Borjis

    R.I.P. Syd Mead

    This guy did so much for so many movies I hold dear. His art & inspiration to others will live on for generations to come.
  9. Borjis

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Post-release)

    In hindsight, I absolutely LOVE how Guinness kinda struggles for a second after luke asks him about how his father died. Makes it that much more effective knowing what happens later.
  10. Borjis

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Post-release)

    That actually went through my mind as I watched that scene haha!
  11. Borjis

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Post-release)

    I was kinda happy to see Rey confirmed to be a Palpatine. It's a theory I believed in since TFA. Look at how Rey fights Kylo in that movie near it's end, then watch Palpatine use his saber in revenge of the sith....nearly identical fighting style.
  12. Borjis

    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    I had one of these and the funniest thing was when the batteries were low. the C3P0 voice would slow waaaay down. "aaaaahhhhhh ttooooooo deeeee toooooo wheeeeeeeere aaaaaare youuuuuu." Kinda like Dave in 2001 withdrawing memory modules that slowed HAL down. I really like how far they are...
  13. Borjis

    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    Haven't seen it yet but a BIG BIG fan of Clancy Brown. No idea he was going to be in it. yay!!!
  14. Borjis

    How tall is BABY YODA?

    Nice! I guessed 1 ft.
  15. Borjis

    “That Star is crooked” screen accurate A Christmas Story tree topper

    Funny enough, we actually had a fake tree growing up. I always thought it was the best tree ever until we did a fresh cut noble fir 10 years later. IIRC the solid ones had a reflector at the base to keep the heat away from other sources.

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