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    PREDATORS DVD & Blu Ray Thread

    can someone post soem blu-ray shots of berserkers face. real screens not recorded from a tv. i dont have a blu-ray drive but im shure somweone here does
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    P1 neck guard for a do-it-yourselfer

    what about wrapping some sort of wire? o always thought of it more like those African ring things. theres also the ones like wolf and the new predator weres.
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    Old Predator Toys

    i have the set with the spaceship and the hummer.
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    i like it. if this were the only pred and hw looked like this i may be disapointerd but there is still a normal looking one and this one is supposed to look strange and different.
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    here is the new pred
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    Iconic Special Edition

    hasn't that been out for years? it came with ticker for AVP i think.
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    Dental Question

    he didnt in predator two. in both P1 and P2 they had six teeth in there mouth. i think it was only in AVP that they had more than two top teeth.
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    Predator, AVP and AVP-R on Blu-Ray

    i can somtimes tell the diffeance. but its not as big like comparing dvd to vhs. standard dvd on an hdtv look great.
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    watched avp-r on dvd

    did it show jessie get cut in half.
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    just got some figures!

    i got the first when it came out.
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    I'm sorry, but what the hell is that?

    i think it is pumpkinheads tail. im pretty shur he was next to the pred.
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    5 Reasons to see AVP-R

    it shows an alien eating.
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    i just got them and wow this alien is one of the best looking alien figure. i wanted the predalien with the opened mandibles but they only had the closed one.
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    The first 5 MINUTES of AvP-R!!!!

    there may be some parts cut out for this. and the aliens in AVP grow fast because they were given growth hormones. but this could just be hours after.
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    *pics* My Spiffy New AVPR Calender

    it says on amazon that it will be available the 17th and i think you can see the hole in the stunt masks eye.

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