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    Limited Run 2015 Marty McFly Jacket - Shipping Now!!!

    I'm very interested in this Jacket, just trying to get the money. About how long does it take to ship from final payment to arrival?
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    Limited Run Nike MAG Strap Upgrade Kit - Shipping 10/05/15!

    Re: Nike MAG Strap Upgrade Kit And Sent
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    Limited Run Nike MAG Strap Upgrade Kit - Shipping 10/05/15!

    Re: Nike MAG Strap Upgrade Kit Are you still doing these? I'm interested in both.
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    Limited Run WInter Soldier Mask and Goggles

    Are you still making these? I'm interested.
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    how to train your dragon 2

    I am planning on Hiccup's new outfit, but I have neither found the time or the money to make it happen yet. Maybe some time in future. Also a few months ago I finished a simple version of Hiccup's outfit from the first movie.
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    Vegeta the saiyan prince, new mask on page 5

    Re: Vegeta the saiyan prince I agree with everyone else; this is a really well done out fit that is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work!
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    Star Trek Into Darkness costume discussion

    I agree with you there.
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    3D Printed Samus Varia Suit - FINISHED! (Pics on pg.14)

    Re: 3D Printed Samus Varia Suit Wow, those are looking amazing! You are going to be the best Samus around.
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    Hawkeye (Avengers) costume - pic heavy

    Wow. Very nice. I really like how accurate you have made this costume. I really like the quiver too!!
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    The Definitive Hawkeye "Avengers" Costume Thread

    I really love the work that everyone has done to their costumes. And also I wish I had known about this thread when I was putting together my hawkeye outfit. I just wanted to share the glove that I made, and I think is much better than the store bought ones. I have left over materials too, so...
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    What costumes are you working on?

    I don't have any major plans on costumes this year. I haven't found anything I want to do. However, I am planning a Captain N for later this year. Its an easy one, so I don't have much to do on it.
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    buying custom made costumes???

    I haven't bought anything from that site, but it does look to one of the good ones. Just make sure details are clear in ordering.
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    Slurm Butterfly Derby Girl (Futurama)

    Wow. I'm really impressed. This outfit is turning out well. I can't wait to see it all finished!