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    See Dave Prowse as Darth Vader one last time in: Star Wars, the Interactive Video Board Game

    in 1996, Parker Brothers Games released the Star Wars VHS Interactive Video Board Game, featuring re-used shots from ANH, ESB, ROTJ, and NEW scenes of Vader, Imperials, and Stormtroopers. Dave Prowse stepped back into the Vader costume some 13 years since last seen, and James Earl Jones...
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    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    Well, we are abut 9 years in-universe time from A New Hope to the Mandalorian. And 3 years from ROTJ. So, a lot of what we see on Tatooine is basically "the same" as in the OT as it would only be several years old in the Mandalorian. Makes since to see Mos Eisley Cantina look the same (season...
  3. blewis17

    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    ====================================== I know Lucas said that Fett was gone in ROTJ. But really, I am not at all upset with them bringing back Boba now. Give him a redemption arc of some kind? Give him a fitting true death send-off?
  4. blewis17

    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    Overall, a really nice start to season 2. And since others have posted about "the armor" without spoiler tags, I'll chime in (with basically a SW:SE Fett I've worked on for 2 decades standing in the corner of my bonus room.) I feel they went above and beyond for the ROTJ Fett armor (anyone here...
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    Class Action Park

    Defunctland had a great YouTube discussion of Action Park 3 years ago:
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    Official Show off your model collection thread!

    NOT a modeler here, but I LOVE these re-issued Disney Pirates of the Caribbean MPC kits from the early 1970s. There were 7 kits, loosley based on tableau/ scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland. I've built 2 so far. The original molds are now owned and used by...
  7. blewis17

    Star Trek: Questions you always wanted answers to

    That explains one crew member in the room, and the room "scrolls" around them. But I still think that 2 crew members moving away from each other would bump into the wall. Hypothetically speaking, of course. ...and another thing. We know that Quark's Holosuites on DS9 were legalized brothels...
  8. blewis17

    Star Trek: Questions you always wanted answers to

    Early TNG episodes showed that they would reach the edge of the Holodeck room, and essentially be "stopped" by a forcefield, letting the participants know they were up against the physical edge of the simulation. I think they never got the scale of the holodeck right for TV in TNG. Different...
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    Here comes another Grail Diary

    Amazing work!
  10. blewis17

    Building The Death Star - PRODUCTION

    Amazing Work... this looks legit enough to be sitting outside a Missouri antique shop!
  11. blewis17

    Has anyone else fallen out of love with Doctor Who?

    Watched the reruns on PBS back in the 80s; it was he 4th doctor Tom Baker at that time, so I stayed on for a while with the 5th doctor and then lost interest, went to college, etc. Watched the McGann TV movie, then the warm re-boot with Eccleston, to Tennant, then petered off again. It's a...
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    RIP Chadwick Boseman / Black Panther

    That is correct, but there have been some modifications. I perform screening colonoscopies on a regular basis. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT providing specific medical instruction or direction to anyone in particular here, this is simply general information and accepted guidelines in the United States...
  13. blewis17

    RIP Chadwick Boseman / Black Panther

    As a physician, it REALLY saddens me to see such a young, active person succumb to colon cancer. I deal with it on a regular basis. Guys and gals, if there is ANYTHING I can stress to the community here, is to get your colo-rectal cancer screenings performed. RIP Chadwick...
  14. blewis17

    Clue the movie props

    Yeah, Colleen Camp, the French maid. No, she doesn't look the same 3 decades later. I did NOT know she was the mom in D.A.R.Y.L. ! Here' s great, recent video of her and other CLUE actors.
  15. blewis17

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Post-release)

    QUESTION RE: Palpatine and possessing Rey. I know that this was not the intention with ROTJ, but hearing Palps in TROS tell Rey that she needs to strike him down, so that his spirit can be free to possess her body, makes me wonder about Luke's throne room confrontation in ROTJ. Are we NOW...

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