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    Tony Stark display head

    Hey everyone, I keep seeing 3D printed Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) heads used for displaying Iron Man helmets. Any idea where I can find that .stl? Thanks in advance.
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    Batman cowl vendors

    Gauntlet FX
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    Batman 1989 - finished suit - new updates on page 4!

    WOW!!! Those turned out amazing!!! Great work!!!
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    Netflix Daredevil costume

    Does anyone happen to know what FX Company made the helmet and costume for the show?
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    Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow - Cosplay Advice?

    I say option 2 for sure. I think it offers a bit of both Caitlin and killer frost. It gives you more a a chance to be creative.
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    Telltale Batsuit

    This turned out great!!! If you dont mind me asking, where did you find the hex pattern fabric?
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    Batman: Noel WIP (Pic Heavy)

    This is such an awesome and inspiring build. I cant wait to see this finished. What are you doing for your cowl?
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    CW Flash Accurate Replica Suit Cosplay Build PIC HEAVY

    WOW!!! This is an AMAZING build! Seriously, its perfect; i can't wait to see you fully suited up after your done!
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    Tron (1982) Kevin Flynn cosplay

    I love this so much!!! Tron is one of my favorite films of all time. Great work!!!
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    Faceless Joker

    Hey nation48,I've been in the FX industtry for quite a while and If I'm understanding correctly youre looking for an inexpensive way to get a lifecast to scuplt on? the absolute easiest and cheapest way we always did it in the shop is to use plaster bandages over your face. Make sure you really...
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    Bigbat23's Classic Neal Adams Batsuit

    I love this Bigbat23!!! Can't wait to see you fully suited up! Thanks for sharing.
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    [Done] Foamcrafting Armored Batgirl / Batgirl Square Enix Kai Version

    WOW!!! That is incredible. Like "I'm speechless" kind of incredible. I'd love to see more pics, progress and final build, if you have them.
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    Arkham Knight Batman Cowl Pep help

    Thanks, that would be great! Im not sure what I'm doing wrong, this is also my very first attempt at pepakura so it's hard to tell. My two biggest issues is that my edge ID numbers don't match. Only a handful of them do and that is if they are all on the same piece. When it comes to joining...
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    Arkham Knight Batman Cowl Pep help

    Thanks! I'm I member on there I'll have a look over there.
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    Arkham Knight Batman Cowl Pep help

    nice build!!! I can see what those eye pieces are doing a little better, thanks for sharing. Is that the Full armor build from onekura? I'd love to download it but onekura is still down.