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  1. Belfast Neil

    Learning how to use Foamies!

    Great start mate, I would suggest investing in a heat gun if you are gonna use foamies. Using your stove will be an expensive way to do it. If you're interested in trying the Sintra, any decent sign makers could point you in the right direction. I'd recommend it as it's easy to shape but rock...
  2. Belfast Neil

    Repainting my latex suit

    I'd propose pros-aide, FW Inks, then permawet to seal it all. Inks go straight on and you can mix a base up with white acrylic watered down with the inks to colour. Less harsh on the lungs and your airbrush. Usurper advised me to go down the ink route and it is very simple to do.
  3. Belfast Neil

    Thor-ish Bio concept

    Great concept, I would agree though about looking at the scale. I would make the whole thing considerably bigger, particularly the dome. If you search the site you'll find dimensions for other Bio's which will give you a better idea of just how huge they really are. Would also add that on all...
  4. Belfast Neil

    Latex painting Airbrush Prosaide Createx mix ratio

    If you haven't already bought a load of colours I would suggest using FW Inks. You can airbrush them straight onto the pros-aide covered mask, no need for mixing. Once the colour has dried, mist another coat of pros-aide over it and go at the next colour. Works well and is the cleanest and...
  5. Belfast Neil

    André Wolf Predator Budget

    Cool to see someone using my templates. Good luck!
  6. Belfast Neil

    My P1 is finally FINISHED!

    Colouring round the mouth is superb mate.
  7. Belfast Neil


    Truly one of the meanest looking sculpts to appear on these pages. Can't wait to see how this comes out!
  8. Belfast Neil

    Torso version 1.33

    Looks seriously ripped, this will be awesome when you get it finished up.
  9. Belfast Neil

    nanashi predator!!!

    Great start man, I think this will work really well.
  10. Belfast Neil

    Where can I get latex from?

    I'm not an expert on latex but I would imagine it depends whether you plan to make moulds then castings or whether it is simply to latex over clothing to create a skin. If the latter then I don't think it matters too much what type you get as you simply sponge or brush it on in layers. I bought...
  11. Belfast Neil

    NEW plasma cannon FINISH

    Lovely work mate, very slick looking.
  12. Belfast Neil

    Where can I get latex from?

    eBay worked for me mate.
  13. Belfast Neil

    Sintra armor

    Bizenboat has given you sound advice there. My whole suit is made from Sintra and it is pretty forgiving but if you bond everything first then heat it, your adhesive or cement will melt or crumble and you will have to touch it all up anyway. Definitely best to mould, paint, assemble. Be sure to...
  14. Belfast Neil

    Budget Wolf Build

    So did a complete repaint of the mask and skin for this year and wisely chose to use Pros-Aide and inks. Soooo much easier than mixing latex paints! Anyway, hope you like the improvements. Unfortunately a drunken mate fell on my backpack and bio, smashing the pack into 4 pieces and splitting...
  15. Belfast Neil

    Berserker Predator Attempt

    Well done fella, turned out great. As you mentioned, you'll now have a vault of ideas on what you want to do when you start version 2.0.

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