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  1. badger

    Harry Potter and Hermione's FIRST DESIGN wands

    I still lurk from time to time. My lathe is mothballed at the moment, so no wands for a while. Might get more active this summer though.
  2. badger

    Death Star Trooper Helmet - AA/SDS Version

    This thread is pretty cool. I was wondering how much work it would be to make the other parts for this helmet if you already have the parts for a rebel fleet trooper helmet? I can see a custom mold for the ear bits, but can the back "skirt" of the helmet be made from a sheet bent around? or...
  3. badger

    Code cylinders?

    The rebel pilot "code cylinders" are definitely wood. At least the ones in the touring suit are. Wood painted silver. and not completely either, the very tip of the base is still unpainted. badger
  4. badger

    Screen-used Tabards, Straight or Curved?

    I had a chance to see the Anakin tabards in person. Not sure it the same on all of the tabards, but... They are curved, with a seam at the waist, hidden by the jedi belts (it had a snap to hold it in place. Also, from personal experience with a Jedi costume, a little curving would help keep...
  5. badger

    Hasbro DH-17 Rebel Fleet Trooper Blaster

    Looks good. It's still functional too? What did you use for the silver paint? I'm having issues getting a good silver.
  6. badger

    New Stargate Props! Kull Killer and Ra Pendant

    I got one of the wall sections from them, paid for standard shipping, and it took about 2-3 weeks. badger
  7. badger

    Anyone recognise what this toy blaster is based on?

    I have got to start cruising dollar stores. badger
  8. badger

    Painting in winter??

    I've seen that too. Annoying as hell.
  9. badger

    HEROES " Activating Evolution Book"

    Woot. I am very looking forward to this. My wife was looking over my shoulder, and she thinks it's very cool. I want to leave it on my bookshelf at work, and see who notices. :) badger
  10. badger

    Re-inventing my zam stuff

    Damn, your sculpting skills never cease to amaze me.
  11. badger

    what do you use for your smaller molds?

    Lego's work very well. I use them all the time for my molds. I do mostly small stuff at the moment, so they work well for small molds. In fact I need to get some more brick. badger
  12. badger

    MonCal snowtrooper progress: 6/18 new pics page 9

    Nice use of the wood on the shoulders, those turned out great. what's your process? Sculpt in clay Cast negative in plaster cast positive in Hydrocal vacuform Or something else?
  13. badger

    SW: Where Science Meets Imagination display in LA

    One of the things I am looking for pics of is BOTH of the arm pieces of the snow trooper. If any has any good pics of both arm pieces, that would be stellar. badger
  14. badger

    MonCal snowtrooper progress: 6/18 new pics page 9

    Inspiring. (and intimidating at the same time). Great work, it's also good to see the mold as a mold. I am thinking of one day maybe making this set of molds as well, and to see be able see what a really good set of molds looks like, helps to visualize the whole thing. thanks.

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