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    Farscape DRD Sculpt 1:1

    Looks great!!
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    QMx Battlestar Galactica Top Gun Stein

    Mine arrived today, and unlike Mechamaniac's did have logo'd packaging for the stein itself inside the shipping box. The box does have care instructions printed on it. However, when I looked at the stein itself the printing (or "hand painting") is damaged. I called QMX, but it seems that...
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    Full size Tardis Bookcase build! Now with link to video :)

    Re: Full size Tardis Bookcase build! That is awesome. Makes me want to build one for myself.
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! ** Hello everyone. I'm Bruce. I've been registered on here for quite awhile (as evidenced by my join date), but have only recently started to be active on the site (other than my previous lurking). I'm a Network Admin by trade, but a geek...
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    Would You Like To Be Able To Buy MOON Merchandise?

    Hopefully some of these items will actually get produced.
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    [nuBSG] My CIC Man Cave / Prop Room

    Looks great Bobatrek!!
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    Setting up a new workshop, many pics

    Really impressed with the setup. It's definitely something that I've been wanting to do for myself for some time now.
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    The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

    I'd like to see that happen too, but my guess is the network wouldn't go for it.
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    Farnsworth Discussion

    Definitely worth the $0.99 for the app. Very cool.
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    Boardwalk Empire, anyone??

    I've really been enjoying the show since it premiered. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread about Richard's mask. I was watching a show on the Science Network called Oddities (it's about an "Antique" store in NYC that deals in unusual items) and on one episode someone brought in an actual...
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    BSG Lee "Apollo" Adama Watch

    Thanks for the ID on the item. May try to pick one up.
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    How do you afford this hobby?

    Like others have mentioned, it's about choices. I know that I can't afford everything that I want, and I have to decide how best to spend what is available. Often, for me at least, this comes down to 1 really expensive prop, or several less expensive ones. Most often I tend to the several...
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    Warehouse 13 - The Tesla Gun

    It would take a clearer reference photo to know for sure, but I think you might be right on both.
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    First Time Costumer

    The costume looks great.
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    Red State

    I couldn't agree more. I'm a longtime fan of Smith's work, and it really was nice to see him branch out.