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    Lucio from Overwatch - EVA Foam Build

    Great job, so far. I look forward to seeing the finished product. I haven't played Overwatch in probably a year or more, but Lucio was super fun to play.
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    The Wraith - (and other Dead By Daylight props)

    You do good work, sir. Thank you for sharing. It is a pleasure following along.
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    Interest Krampus Bell

    Thank you, very, very much, to everyone that ordered a bell! I know some of them have arrived, and I hope the rest all arrive without incedent. I hope everyone is pleased.
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    Portrait busts: Original 4 Ghostbusters

    Dang. That is a beautiful kit.
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    Interest Krampus Bell

    Hey, All. I have the first bell finished, and a few raw casts waiting for finishing. Any interested parties, please shoot me a DM.
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    Interest Krampus Bell

    TFrosst I didn't take a ton of WIP pics on the re-work, and the masters are still under silicone, but here are a couple pics from about 50% done to 90% done:
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    Interest Krampus Bell

    Hey, just quick update: The new masters (2 halves) are done and under slicone, as we speak. I'm building the mother molds tonight, and dialing in the proper amount of resin / bronze powder. By Wednesday, I should begin producing raw casts and I may be able to have some done by this weekend...
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    Interest Krampus Bell

    Hello, all. I am not ignoring this thread, and I appreciate everyone's interest. In late Summer of last year, my wife and I bought a house. The Krampus bell molds and masters were thrown away. I thought I had just thrown away the molds. The bells were made before the movie came out and I'd...
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    Sully, Mike Wazowski, Boo Monsters Inc Costumes. Disney

    Holy cow! These are some inspired costumes. Great execution.
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    Portrait busts: Original 4 Ghostbusters

    First cast looks good.
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    Portrait busts: Original 4 Ghostbusters

    These look great. Are you doing an INT thread after you cast them?
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    Rick and Morty. Pickle Rick

    This is awesome!
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    Thorssoli's T-60 Power Armor Build from Fallout 4

    thorssoli I like your "Safety Third" sign.
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    John Wick 2 Blood Oath Marker

    Thanks, Jintosh! Excellent work, as always.
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    Nerf (& airsoft) based blasters

    Re: Nerf based blasters I love the filigree on the last gun. All of them look great.