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  1. Final Assembly!

    Final Assembly!

    Me, scrambling to put the crazy ship together on a cliffside overlooking the Point Loma coastline in San Diego...while we were buffeted by 20 mph winds! This was stressful, but it was also exciting. Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal.
  2. Cursed Engine Tanks

    Cursed Engine Tanks

    I spent all 3.5 weeks of planning and assembly trying to figure out the fuel tanks. My plan was to use rubber balls, but couldn't find the right size, so I tried Mylar balloons. Despite Dre's heroic efforts, here, to save them from the wind, they were a bust. Photo cred: Christian Apolonio.
  3. Ready to Shoot

    Ready to Shoot

    Finally assembled, I scrambled for a solution to the fuel tank problem, and finally just decided to cover the fuel tank mounting area in aluminum tape (which you can see in the next photo). A desperate, last-second attempt that worked out! Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  4. On Camera

    On Camera

    Tim and Dre in costume next to the rocket, during one of the scenes. Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  5. First Dry Assembly

    First Dry Assembly

    First assembly of all major components, where I started to realized how many problems I was about to run into.
  6. Cramped Storage

    Cramped Storage

    Haphazardly storing components on my back porch. Very glad none of my neighbors complained about all the ridiculous contraptions I had there (I did my best to keep them out of the way and to not leave anything that would be a danger to their dogs!)
  7. Ceiling Design Refinement

    Ceiling Design Refinement

    Started to troubleshoot how to make the size panels attach in a rational fashion. This was an ongoing challenge.
  8. Troubleshooting Panel Mounting

    Troubleshooting Panel Mounting

    I was gradually coming up with solutions for how to get the panels to mount properly, but a lack of precision in some of my cuts and the crookedness of some of the 2x4s were together causing me a lot of problems getting the panels to all fit together in a non-ugly way.
  9. Working the Kinks Out

    Working the Kinks Out

    By this point (the NIGHT BEFORE THE SHOOT), I had manhandled solutions into getting the panels to mount fairly well. I was stressed out and panicky, but I could see light on the horizon. And was about to get a few hours of sleep before the long, early drive to San Diego the next morning.
  10. Early component estimates

    Early component estimates

    First rough breakdown of components needed to build rocket
  11. First detailed plans

    First detailed plans

    First plans to determine scale and specific items needed to build the rocket. Used to estimate costs and to plan for how to reduce budget expenses.
  12. Hero Plans

    Hero Plans

    Screen still from video. Plans for the rocket, embellished with details to be used on screen.
  13. Precise Plans in Fusion 360

    Precise Plans in Fusion 360

    Detailed build plans created in Fusion 360 to aid construction. (The 3D model created to make these plans was used by the VFX artist to create the animation of the rocket launching at the end of the video)
  14. Rough Concept

    Rough Concept

    First concept sketch of the rocket, with the idea of using an outdoor patio table as the foundation.
  15. Fins


    Attitude control fins. My plan was to actually hook these up to cords that would allow for them to be controlled from inside the rocket, but this was too time consuming to finalize.

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