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    Joker bust

    I have had this bust for years now you might be the guy who sculpted him.
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    Joker bust

    its not the best ledger bust but im happy with him and the paint job I did!
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    Heath Ledger Joker bust 1:1

    man looks amazing I want one?
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    Joker bust

    i am currently working on a bust of Heath ledger as the Joker. I just want a shoulder up bust and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get his shirt tie vest and purple coat but just the top sections. also need a wig for the bust
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    JOHN WICK lifesize bust WIP

    that is amazing I want one pm me
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    Chris Reeve with custom base by HD theater

    anyone have this bust unpainted or know where I can get a unpainted cast?
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    hey friend trying to contact you!
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    question ? Alpha the walking dead

    this is not costume assoiated but I am working on a project Alpha from the walking dead season 9. I have everything I need except her knife on the show and I have searched but no luck does anyone have pics of her knife or know the model?
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    I still want one of these bust my friend!!!
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    1/1 bust glass eyes???

    i was wondering where do people get their glass eyes for their 1/1 life size bust? im in need of eyes for a freddy krueger bust/mask! also anyone know where or can make a right hand for my freddy to fit the glove on?
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    any update pics or info on the rick bust?
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    looking for a superman cape?

    I am looking for a christopher reeve superman cape for my life size superman if you have one or can make one please let me know?
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    Any update on this bust? Pics?
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    what happened to this project??
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    Want to Buy Custom Rick Grimes lifesize bust?

    Please someone?