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  1. ataru72ita

    OdiWan72´s prop family

    LOL we're in the same problem with our mancaves!! BTW, I envy your ability of scoring real props mate You're an absolute ACE! Regards, Alberto
  2. ataru72ita

    Limited Run Rebel Agent Saber - Inspired by Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Kyle Katarn/Qu Rahn

    Sorry to hear about the issues! Wish You all the best. Regards, Alberto
  3. ataru72ita

    Interest ROTJ STUNT R2 Lightsaber.....yeah that one.

    Interested in 1 shipped to Italy. Regards, Alberto
  4. ataru72ita

    "MagnaTRON" Home Theater Room With Movie Props

    What a great collection of lighters! It's a really original idea! Nice HT as well, congrats! Regards, Alberto
  5. ataru72ita

    Good Guys Chucky Doll 1/1

    Great Job, wow!!! Lately Trick or Treat Studio issued a licensed replica which should have the original fabrics they say. They also sell the accurate empty box if You need one. Hope this helps. Regards, Alberto
  6. ataru72ita

    The Grail Diary, What options are there? What is available?

    I recommend Sarednab's versions as well. I personally own a Hero replica, great piece! Regards, Alberto
  7. ataru72ita


    Hey Andy, aside the fact of being a great surce of Star Wars Greeblies and parts. Everyone should know that this particular Turntable is one of the most well sounding turntables ever made and a Prop Replica as well from the Staney Kubrick's Masterpiece movie A Clockwork Orange!! Hope this...
  8. ataru72ita

    Unlimited Run Willy Wonka (1971) - accurate "Golden Ticket" replica

    I'm interested in two shipped to Italy. Money sent. I'd be interested in the Wonka Hero bar if that happens. Regards, Alberto
  9. ataru72ita

    Interest Dark Knight: Joker's Bank Heist DUFFLE BAG by Magnoli Clothiers

    Interested for sure mate! Regards, Alberto
  10. ataru72ita

    Alphonse Elric armor (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST -manga) build by castpixel - New Photos

    This build is simply phenomenally exceptional! Congratulations! Regards, Alberto
  11. ataru72ita

    Unlimited Run Cosmo Dragoon (3D Printed Kit)

    Great! Thank You so much! Regards, Alberto
  12. ataru72ita

    Nolan Trilogy Nurse Joker

    Hello there How much for just the deck and the pen shipped to Italy, please? Regards, Alberto
  13. ataru72ita

    Limited Run The Mandalorian Armor kit

    Hey there Maulfett I sent You a private message about another run would You please answer. Thank You in advance. Regards Alberto

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