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    Problem: One-way mirror mask (Vidocq)

    there apparently is a clear worbla available now. I think that and some mirrored tint film would be just what you need
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    Jamie Lannister Sword - or - WTF Am I Doing? use the stuff from smooth-on. Monster Clay can be used to fill the gaps. depending on what you want to do with it you can vary materials. I would love to see a WIP of it as you do it though.
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    Material Help

    worbla, silicone, and urathane resin all would work
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    Done / Completed New "Rolling Droid" BB-8 From Star Wars Force Awakens - Now Selling!

    Re: New "Rolling Droid" BB-8 From Star Wars Force Awakens I had a concept for this that might give you full movement. Two nested spheres the center one weighted with rollerbearings and RC wheels. Holding the head with a strong magnet and a set of bearings
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    Another Destiny weapon for 3d print, The Ice Breaker exotic sniper rifle

    7x7x7........drat my printrbot is 6x6x6. lol looks good though
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    Faking Japanese Red Lacquer (on to wood)

    enamel paint mixed to the right color and then a epoxy coat?
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    Interest Star Lord's Plasma Orb - Screen Accurate (new image 4/12)

    Re: Star Lord's Plasma Orb (Light) any idea on the lighting?
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    Alternatives to Wool for Jedi Robes (Wool Allergy)

    do a search for polyester felt
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    first attempt at making a prop sword, advice needed!

    If you wnat more feedback and advice, look up the plasti-dip artists group on facebook. Reading through the thread all the methods mentioned work, some more difficult than others
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    Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon

    I have the same file. Im waiting to print the Chamber sides again as my last run on my Printrbot had some warp issues. I have some XTC-3D print coating that im going to use once I apoxie sculpt the cracks
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    Make foam armor smooth

    plasti-dip. thinned with naptha
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    Fred Props Destiny Hunter Costume [PIC HEAVY]

    Wow...awesome freehand work
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    Twisty the Clown - Head Appliance

    Re: Tips for molding silicone head appliance? for you head form do a life cast with body double silk
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    Help with sledgehammer prop

    PVC pipe, Pipe insulation, DAP contact cement, A yoga block for the head, Plastidip. Look the Plasti Dip artists group up on facebook and read through the FAQ. If you have questions we can probably answer them there
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    Castable Rubber?

    also, if you seperatly mold and cast your grips, and use the cast grips on a master, you can resin cast with the rubber grips in place and the will be locked in.