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    Asok builds his ultimate GMH Boba Fett helmet

    As some have read, I have bough the molds from FP for the GMH helmet and wondered what was I going to do with it. If you are wondering what a GMH helmet is, please read these two articles done by Art Andrews about the history of the helmet and the work that FP put into the helmet Boba Fett...
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    Who made the rotocast fett helmets about a year or 2 ago?

    That would be something that I would have cast. The gray gelcoat is cold cast. PM on it's way.
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    Anyone else think that the Walking Dead is....boring?

    I tried to watch it with my wife and I fell asleep. To me it's like a soap with zombies.
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    Vacum Pumps for silicone

    What are you using to make your vacuum chamber?
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    RPF Clonetrooper helmet Giveaway

    That's okay, I have been working on removing myself. Call me Blank Asok. Not to be confused with Blank Reg. You too can work to be a Blank. Start here OptOuts
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    RPF Clonetrooper helmet Giveaway

    Nice try Art, still not going to have a FB page. Good luck to everybody else.
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    Any reason not to use Rebound 25 for a box mold?

    I use it for that as well. I find it works very well and currently redoing all my molds with it. I also pressure pot it as well. Just hate that it ties up by pressure pot for the night but, it's well worth it to me.
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    Looking for colors to weather metal from the Sarlacc pit

    I am trying to figure out how to weather piece of metal that looks like it spent some time in the Sarlacc pit. I have already managed to make it pitted like it was dipped in acid. Just not sure about the colors I should use to weather it. Any suggestions as to what colors I should use?
  9. asok've just won the lottery..worth millions..what fanfilm would you make?

    I would love a movie to tie up the show Reaper.
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    Suggestions on how to create a replica jacket

    I have been wanting to recreate Freddie Mercury's yellow jacket that you see him wear on the A Kind of Magic tour for years. After buying the basic jacket and pants It got me thinking I could make my own. With the money from the costume going to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS charity set...
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    Classic Nickelodeon returns

    I am right there! What about Pinwheel?
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    suggestions for husband/ wife costumes?

    Here is my wife and I
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    R4-M6 - Mace's Droid

    A whole 60 pounds! :eek
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    R4-M6 - Mace's Droid

    I am not sure of his weight yet. Another thing on my to do list. :) If you look at the build photos, you can see I added some gussets to the body and legs. David says that I did not need to add them.
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    R4-M6 - Mace's Droid

    Cole, let me get my motors and it's a race for sure! If you go and join this yahoo group, you can get the Styrene Droid Plans. Then go to there is a whole section about Styrene Droid Building.