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    Brutus the Hollywood Gorilla..

    This is an amazing thread! More detail please!
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    Limited Run Blade Runner - Blaster Mod - .410 dual barrel shotgun "Shorty"

    Put me down for #3 please. I'm in.
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    Interest Mummy Book of the Dead kit

    Put me down for the 6th.
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    The Definitive Peter Quill/Star-Lord Costume Thread

    Chiming in late to say I 100% agree with you Jumpman. Auel is being petty and minimizing. I see that he hasn't posted since this fracas and I think that's a good thing. He's off somewhere else and not poisoning the waters here. Yay!
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    Adam Savage's first BladeRunner Blaster. Pic Heavy (Nearly done)

    Wow! I love this so much. The Edison Giacattoli guns show up on eBay all the time. Nuadadesigns, I have a couple of the original guns and I'd be happy to send you one for molding if you like. Also that gap at the back is just the gun being broken from decades of mistreatment. It's meant to...
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    Alphonse Elric armor (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST -manga) build by castpixel - New Photos

    Amazing stuff. Really inspiring. Thanks for sharing so much of your process. I'm going to borrow a few things from you for me next spacesuit build...
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    Limited Run 'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' (2017) Ghost in the Shell

    The pistol is magnificent and worth the wait. A fantastic addition to my collection!
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    NASA ACES suit disconnects

    These work?
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    NASA ACES suit disconnects

    What a wonderful trove of info! Thanks Imgill, I'm fascinated to see how the actual thing works. This is so cool.
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    NASA ACES suit disconnects

    Note: the connector will be easier to attach to the suit as long as there's a lip on both sides of the connector to attach to the suit with velcro. I know the real one is attached with screws, but I follow Nagata's method of a 1/2" lip with some hook sticky velcro on it to attach to a...
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    NASA ACES suit disconnects

    This is a great project! The disconnects on my ACES suits and gloves are actually Apollo wrist rings metallized in a gunmetal. I'd love you to consider selling me a couple sets of these from you when you're done. Here's some of the best disconnect research I gathered.
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    Let's see your work-space.

    I love these shop pics! I always find them inspiring. I'm going to share a few of my early workspaces from the past. This was my first real shop, in the basement storage space of my first apartment in the Mission in San Francsico. Fon Davis of Fonco and I were putting our little shops...
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    Merlin's Staff

    Here's some screengrabs
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    Propstore holding Comisar Auction December 1st

    The catalog is indeed kind of mind-blowing. A pretty incredible collection, with something going very reasonably and also some iconic hero pieces.