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  1. aradia

    Chewbacca Finished 1/1 costume..Pics relinked from photbucket to imgur!

    Re: Chewbacca build- finally finished the mask.A.N.H Awesome stuff mate, will keep my fingers crossed he's all finished when I see you next at the weekender :)
  2. aradia

    Resident Evil: Retribution - Alice

    Will do ;)
  3. aradia

    Resident Evil: Retribution - Alice

    For my boots I am planning on trying suede over the knee wedge heeled boots, my theory is with ALL those buckles covering the boots themselves it should still have the same overall look...?? well thats plan A lol
  4. aradia

    Resident Evil: Retribution - Alice

    Just seen this whilst researching the cossy and have to say nice find with the buckles!! thats a huge help many thanks for finding them ;)
  5. aradia

    Limited Run Assassin's Creed III Tomahawk

    Interested (if there is room for one more on the list) ;)
  6. aradia

    T.A.R.D.I.S. Costume for my 8 yr old nephew

    Thats a great idea! my 3 year old wants a costume for halloween and he is tardis mad, I might have to do this for him :D
  7. aradia

    Skyrim Daedric Sword

    Good luck with the build and don't forget to post up some pic's if you get it finished :)
  8. aradia

    Skyrim Daedric Sword

    managed to find a little time to paint it today (still need to go out and pick up a couple more paints and a wash for the blade part). I also added a little more detail to the handle and im thinking of wrapping some leather thonging around the handle to make it look the part... Thanks...
  9. aradia

    Hi! I have boobs and I make...

    This is a great idea! Only the other day I was called a chap on here lol. Im Carly and im much better with a dremmel than a sewing needle :p
  10. aradia

    Skyrim Daedric Sword

    Thanks, i've made a start on the blade tonight but need to pick up a few more paints before its finished :)
  11. aradia

    Skyrim Daedric Sword

    Im planning on doing a female dovahkiin and while researching the other day I stumbled across some templates for the daedric sword and thought I have to have that sword! I used eva foam for the main body and reinforced it with foamex so it isn't floppy. It still needs painting which should be...
  12. aradia

    N7 Lines with Foam

    I used a dremmel for all the lines on ours, the only time I had difficulty was on the sides of the gauntlets where you have the half circular shapes - there is no way the dremmel can be used for those. You do need a steady hand when using the dremmel and you have to be careful - I clamped down...
  13. aradia

    Chewbacca ~ WIP (Wookie In Progress)

    Nice progress so far, look forward to seeing how it turbs out ;)
  14. aradia

    My Wife's ST Nemesis/First Contact Uniform FINISHED!

    Good work there, very nice indeed !!
  15. aradia

    ho to sew spidy? Please read final post for anyone i aggrevated with repeated posting

    Re: HELP spider man costume how do i sew it! My other half had a suit like this off of frontier and the woman we got to sew it together used her normal machine, she was more bothered about getting the particular stitch for lycra right. Although she did mess up where the hands meet the arms...

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