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    GameStop exclusive Fallout/Destiny/Zelda weapons

    I am not sure if I actually read this somewhere long ago or I made it up as an explanation myself, but I think this weird scaling thing (after the animation) is necessary since they use the same skeleton / articulation points for the animations for both in and out of armor. Like clipping...
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    Fallout 76

    Well I can't say anything about Minecraft as I have never played it, but as I am (was) totally in Medieval Engineers mode since a few months and I was actually hoping for more of those sandbox elements, like F76 being some sort of "Postapocalyptical Engineers". Would have loved to rebuild a...
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    Fallout 4

    Well as F76 will be a prequel they could explain a new type of PA as some sort of a "only a few units (like 10 or so) werte produced as very secret prototypes" that were only tested in that very area, maybe even as specialized armor for securing non experimental vaultslike 76 or something like...
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    Fallout Shelter (Video Game)

    Awesome idea! :love
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    FO4 Power Armor HD Model Project

    Awesome project, I'll be watching this closely! :) I am building a frame myself right now, though using the low budget foam route... ;) My version will be only a static, non wearable frame to be presented at a booth on a local comic con in winter, depending on the result I might convert it to...
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    fallout papercraft mesh file help

    Are you sure? Have you downloaded it from the nexus? As far as I know the BAE is freeware, at least it was a few years back...
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    Pokemon GO

    I also mostly get the 5km eggs, it seems like there are only "slots" for one 2km and one 10km egg and even those slots are half the time occupied with 5km eggs. As I only have one blue incubator (which I got this morning with level 25), I don't see me hatching 9 10km at the same time ;) And...
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    Pokemon GO

    Just got to 25 this morning, man, this was work... IMO there needs to be done some changes to the leveling system, as a casual player it's getting way too hard to level up past 20, They need to lower the XP for each step or to introduce a system to get XP easier at high levels. Maybe giving more...
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    "Fallout 4" T60 Helmet Build Up

    You might want to look for garden pond hoses, they usually come with larger ribs. They are pretty heavy though... I used them for my first power armor helmet and they were just fine since the whole bucket was already heavy as hell (body filler massacre ^^)
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    Fallout 4 T60 Power Armor and Frame (Pic Heavy)

    Nice start, love to see someone else buildung the actual frame. I have started with a frame build myself, going very slowly due to a lot of side projects and other stuff happening in my life lately. I am doing the foam route, having built the basic frame of one arm for now. Are you planning to...
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    Pokemon GO

    Well as far as I know the Pokestops and arenas are converted portals from Ingress, which in turn are mainly user submitted suggestions. If I recall correctly, there were 15 million submissions and a thrid of them made it into the game. So it isn't an algorithm or something but crowd sourced...
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    Fallout 4

    Nothing sad about this! If you pick up Fallout New Vegas as well you can use the awesome mod "Tale of two Wastelands" to combine F3 and FNV to a huge amazing single game experience! Haven't finished my F4 palythrough yet, but I will surely replay F3/NV at some point as well! :)
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    5th Element: Mr. Kim's Boat 1/35

    This. Is. Awesome. I am totally stunned! :eek Extremely inspirational! Thanks for showing this! If there is any page or whatever where we can follow your non movie related work I'd be happy to do so!
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    Fallout 4

    Yeah, propably an amusement park on the moon. Also there will be some press conference shortly where people expect Bethesda to reveal news about the next DLC(s). Oh and a re-release of a pimped up Skyrim! That are at least the rumors I've heard of lately... :)
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    Fallout 4

    My game crashed after the update too, but after some testing and google searching it out it was only one mod that modified the HUD. (It was the DEF_UI-Mod in my case) So maybe you check if your troubles are similar? Other than that the Nexus Mod Manager works fine for me with the latest...