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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Personally, I'd pull off the rubber furniture bumpers and the metal disks covering where the safety used to be. The cable is an unusual choice that really works. Whatever you do, keep that and pull the rest of it back until the whole thing works.
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    Dann's Blaster Projects - (Latest) SE-16 Custom!!

    As I learned in art class in college, it's better to go too far because you can always dial it back than to be conservative and leave possibilities undiscovered.
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    The Cutts didn't sit in the scope straight. Basically, there's a metal coupler that joins the Cutts to the front of the scope, where the lens would go, but the coupler has a bit of play to it on the scope side of things. (It's a dual male threaded coupler made for the Cutts compensators, so it...
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Part of the problem is that the barrel of the compensator doesn't form a straight line with the body of the scope. Even removed from the chassis, there's a noticable "kink" in it. It's subtle but it's one of those things your eye immediately goes to because no real gun – at least, not one that...
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    ANH Hero DL-44 Discussion - Three ANH Greeblies Found

    I've heard this before, but never heard numbers. What percentage oversized would you say it is?
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    And unfortunately the barrel noses down by a couple of millimeters. I thought at first I screwed up the cut, but no, the angle continues all the way to the scope. Which ticks me off because everything at the join is stock, so I can't figure out where the angle is coming from – they must have...
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Progress update:
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Is that an x-wing engine embedded in the front of the grill?
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Wow, that looks awesome. Funny thing – you put the butane torch halves in the other spot I was thinking of placing them.
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    Original Covertec clip...?

    The real things have a rough, satin finish with an obvious seam from the injection molding. The smooth glossy ones are idealized.
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    ANOVOS picks up the high-end Star Wars Costuming License!

    They don't produce or ship anyway, so I imagine not! :p
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Can't wait to see 'em!
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Mods continue, slowly. I decided I didn't like the big rectagular block of a foot at the back of the scope, so I shaved it down and took the opportunity to attach the butane torch halves as well.
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    Merchandise and props you can buy at Disney’s upcoming Galaxy’s Edge attraction.

    It's $200 for designs that look substantially worse than what I and others can put together from scrap right here on the RPF. I'm pretty disappointed.