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    Limited Run Tie PIlot & X-Wing Inspired Hoodie Jacket Limited Run

    Greetings. R2D2 Workshop & Sigma Suits proudly present collaboration project of new Star Wars inspired cloth collection. We unite our passion to Star Wars & Good Jackets. And create unique bomber jacket in style of Empire & Rebel pilots. All design was created by our team from zero point. We...
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    Albedo Battle Armor from Overlord anime. Commision project.

    In our worshop several month ago we get commission order for this armor from Overlord anime. Most problem that "anime" characters have not very "real human body" Plus armor must be rather fit to client body and not very wide in material. So Firstly we send client to create basic "3d scan" of...
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    Serval Cat Furry Mask (3d print + fur adding)

    Very good thread. We make separate nose and cast it from silicone. There is our current completed masks.
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    Serval Cat Furry Mask (3d print + fur adding)

    Continue: 3d printed parts
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    Serval Cat Furry Mask (3d print + fur adding)

    Hello everybody. In our workshop we currently working under custom project of creating mask of Serval cat for furry costume. There is a 3d model that was created for skull base. A little bit later will upload current prints
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    Interest LIST OPEN! Death Star plans card (BOTH SIDE)

    Re: Death Star plans card (BOTH SIDE) LIST CLOSED interested in next run if will be
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    WidowMaker Gun from Overwatch

    Greetings. Wanna share a photos of our WIdowmaker gun that we build already several times + upgraded it 3d model. New version will include movement features. Sorry for unsorted pictures but still in progress of complete guide for assembly. Fully 3d modeled in our workshop. 3d printed also...
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    Kill La Kill Anime - Scissors Sword

    And some result + cosplayer with finished sword. Now it can be ordered from our ETSY.
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    Kill La Kill Anime - Scissors Sword

    Greetings. Wanna show you our process of building this Scissors Swords. We use plywood as main material (currently thinking of making mold). All drawing was made in vector and print to use as blueprint. 3 layers of plywood. Then bondo to masking connects and them paint.
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    Looking for clone templates!

    Check HDprops pepakura
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    Overwatch Tracer's Blaster - 3D printed

    And second one is ready.
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    Overwatch Tracer's Blaster - 3D printed

    Greetings! Wanna introduce our new 3D print project. It is Traces's Blasters from OVERWATCH game. First one is finished with modeling and soon will go on print. Second one in progress now. Both guns will have components that allowed to put inside electronics. There is first our promo poster...
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    Limited Run ANT-MAN 2015 Helmet, 100% screen accurate, motorized and lit! **MUST READ POST 1!!!**

    Re: ANT-MAN Version 2.0 FULLY MOTORIZED HELMETS (HUGE UPDATE PG 1) I'm interested!
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    DH-17 Rebel Blaster [by R2D2Worshop]

    Hello world! Wanna share our current progress of creating DH-17 blaster. It was commisioned by Russian Outpost members and firstly was thinking just 3D print it, but now it is currently 6 people who want it so we decide tp make an resin cast too. So there is our current 3d model, we use MR...