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    Black Widow Endgame suit piece?

    I think it really IS purely for the aesthetic. They tend to custom design a lot of stuff, be it buckles, straps and pouches, fabrics or... Whatever this is.
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    MCU Spider-Man Build (SPOILERS)

    It doesn't look like it's a stretch fabric. I'd advise you to contact the seller in order to get a better idea of the fabric's functionality. As a bodysuit material - that's a main factor you have to take into consideration.
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    MCU Spider-Man Build (SPOILERS)

    Hey, I'm not making this up, and also trying to help. I'm also looking for a good textured fabric, for quite some time now. The bumps in the original picture also seem to be inverted. I think this one's might be your best bet; or MAYBE this one, if you're willing to invest time in dying it with...
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    MCU Spider-Man Build (SPOILERS)

    Search google for "spandex interlock pique". It's written in the URL.
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    First cowl sculpt.

    Looks great! I love the Adam West suit and really looking forward to seeing how this sculpt comes out. I've never worked with Monster Clay, but it seems like the most common method of smoothing sculptures is with solvents, à-la Naphthalene, lighter fluid, isopropyl alcohol or paint thinners, and...
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    Captain Marvel material help

    Looks like it's at least 3 kinds of fabrics. Suede (red fabric on the shoulders), leather (sides of the body and sleeves) and I believe some kind of scuba (front of the torso, pants). The shoulder plates seem to be made out of hard material, as well as the star, the golden parts around it, the...
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    Jason Todd: The Red Hood (2004 version)

    Well... As passion projects tend to be, this one has been pushed aside for a very long time now. Now that I have been able to really sit down for several hours and finish the pepakura helmet, I have a few concerns about it. This one has a very tight fit on my head, and I thought I'd ask here...
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    Jason Todd: The Red Hood (2004 version)

    Hello everyone. Along all the (countless) Red Hood builds posted in this forum, I decided to go on with my favourite version (and honestly, something I haven't seen here before): the design done for the "Under The Hood" comic, by (the absolutely brilliant) Judd Winick. I just LOVE how this...
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    A:IW Bucky Barnes Build (Pic Heavy)

    Re: A:IW Bucky Barnes Speed-Build! (PIC HEAVY) A VERY LATE UPDATE: Sculpting this perplexing design of an arm - the pieces are so unintuitive, seriously - was tricky, but I got it made. It's almost weird to me, that it feels way less finished than the one built by Hydra. And then 3 layers of...
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    A:IW Bucky Barnes Build (Pic Heavy)

    Hi everyone! In honor of Bucky's new actual hero suit (really, his costume in Civil War was just a disappointing black jacket) and BEAUTIFUL wakandan arm, I decided to attempt a build of the character for the opening night of the much-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War (Hell yeah, it's so...
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    Infinity War Steve Rogers costume

    Highest resolution reference (cropped from original poster & auto "enhanced" brightness-contrast).
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    Marvel - Creating the Cinematic Universe

    Man, that's awesome! I would LOVE to see more pictures of the New Avengers Scarlet Witch (of the back and some close-ups on the boots and buckle, maybe?). This costume is absolutely gorgeous and didn't get the respect it deserves.
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    The Marvel custom/redesign Thread

    A quick redesign for my favourite character in the whole marvel universe... As you can see from the helmet, it is greatly influenced by the 'X-men: First Class' suit. Tried to test the borders between the classic comic-book design and the cinematic design.
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    Ultron Prime (full suite is done, unfolding)

    Ultron himself does not become "spikier", it's the vibranium armour he's wearing.
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    The Marvel custom/redesign Thread

    Would you mind if I'll slightly alter this design and sew it as well? It's a really beautiful design.