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    The Next The Batmobile??

    Like the Futura, here’s another concept car that would be my nomination for conversion into the next Batmobile—The Renault TREZOR:
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    “Doomsday Machine” U.S.S. Constellation Build

    As far as the detail painting, for my Constellation build, I am deviating slightly by adding more detail than was on the original studio model, which was pretty much painted one light gray base color, to include the inter-coolers, etc. Along with some photo-etch upgrades, I am using a very...
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    “Doomsday Machine” U.S.S. Constellation Build

    Yeah looking at both versions of the “long box” nacelle caps, the second version is closest to the version 2 box art build up, but still lacking in crisp detail and the correct color. The deep red and illuminated nacelles on the box art appear to have the polish and clarity of glass vs. murky...
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    “Doomsday Machine” U.S.S. Constellation Build

    I’ve always been of the impression that the nacelle domes on the “long box” photo we’re actually primitive photo work to superimpose tail light lenses (or other red light lenses) onto the nacelles in the photo as they do not match any version of the kit that was ever produced, including the...
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    “Doomsday Machine” U.S.S. Constellation Build

    Side-note topic; if anyone else is interested in taking on a studio-scale Constellation project, I have a second vintage AMT “long box” kit that I picked up in the event that I needed an extra set of parts as I proceeded with this build and committed any screw-ups. Now that the main assembly is...
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    “Doomsday Machine” U.S.S. Constellation Build

    A quick update... Yesterday, I finished the main assembly, puttying and wet sanding all the seams, and the painting of the main body. The polyurethane is drying on the stand and it’s on to the weathering, decals, and attaching the remaining greeblies.
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    Star Trek: TOS Hero “Hand Phaser Kit”

    It’s hard to believe that these are now 12 years old and rarer and rarer to find in the wild. If you missed out on these, when they were produced in 2006, now is your opportunity. This is the excellent Hero “Hand Phaser (Phaser One) Kit”. With a hand-laid fiberglass body, and with everything...
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    HMS / Dustbuster Phaser Kit

    These have now, unfortunately, become rare pieces. This is the HMS / ST:TNG Season Two Dustbuster Phaser Kit. Comes complete with all you see here including the rarer acrylic button pads that replaced the styrene pads towards the end of the production run. Price includes shipping, in...
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    1983 debate: “Star Wars is brutalizing children .... making children dumber ...”

    By the gods, where once I was blind, now I see! Thank you! Thank you kind sir for locating and posting this video. What an empty life I have led... Excuse me while I head over to Amazon to pick up a copy of the recommended classic, “Tender Mercies” and attempt to right years and years of...
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    Ackbar actor Tim Rose TLJ disappointment

    Couldn’t agree more with this video. Yes, the sequel trilogy has some severe flaws in storytelling and execution but the click-bait fueled by outrage has reached peak levels and has become transparently tiresome. The so-called “Tragedy of Ackbar”, to me, represents the case in point.
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    Ackbar actor Tim Rose TLJ disappointment

    All interesting points, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread get more derailed off-topic than this one. :p
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    Guardian of Forever Visual Effects Miniature

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    Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard Helmet

    Wow—nailed it!
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    Bieber Wants To Fight Tom Cruise...

    Oh, I so hope this happens. I would love to see Tom Cruise make The Bieber tap out. Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise and people really want to know why