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    ANOVOS Colonial Warrior Battle Jacket - Battlestar Galactica

    Lol well I’m just passing on what they said. As long as I eventually get the product ordered, I’m content/ this wasn’t an urgent needed item or on any sort of deadline for me. I can’t even find a pattern for the tunic and pants (pics posted on here with pattern were from 2015 and no longer...
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    ANOVOS Colonial Warrior Battle Jacket - Battlestar Galactica

    I just got an update from Anovos via email that I’m allowed to share (they will post to website soon). New ship date range is Oct-Dec 2019 for the classic BSG Jackets.
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    Star Trek Discovery Uniform

    Forgot to mention- usually Anovos does wind up with some extras when they finally finish run, but stock is limited, so it’s best to watch for when they go on sale and move quickly. Then again, Discovery had mixed appeal so competition might not be as bad. I know they still haven’t purged stock...
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    Star Trek Discovery Uniform

    I ordered an Anovos uniform, as well as phaser. They won’t reveal what exactly, but when I asked about tricorder or communicator, the rep smiled and said they would be doing a few more props but couldn’t discuss it further. I’m going to take a shot at recreating the boots. Sully Wong made...
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    Double Tank Battlestar Galactica shirts

    I owned the anovos set but lost the under tank shirt. Over tank is a dark chocolate brown. Under Tank was a unique light green with Heather effect. It was close to the official shade Dark Sea Green. RGB code is (143,188,143). Hex code #8FBC8F. Olga and Glenn (costume designers from the...
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    Tron Legacy Identity Disc - 197 LEDs + light / sound Fx

    Very nicely done. I have the older version of the Soul Inertia kit, which didn't support having sound present, so its already been ripped out & the grille sealed and sanded with putty. Is there a way to add in the segment time delay for the inner lighting, or was this part of the newer kit...