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    1/350 nebulon b preview

    Did I miss the listing on Starhip Modeler?? I don't even see a marker for it in the store... Or is this now more of a /per order kit directly through you now? VERY interested....
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    2018 San Diego CommieCon - Who's going? What to see, etc ?

    Hey, Anyone willing to pick me up a couple posters at the Mondo booth so I don't have to go to the insane secondary market for them???
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    another Spinner . 6th scale. printed

    Not to be too large a pain in the butt, however.... "electrical" is spelled incorrectly there... not that it's readable at 1/6 scale of course.... ;)
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    My try at building the 1/6 Scale Falcon Cockpit

    Hmm in the photo of yours I've kept in your quote it looks like the side tables are a little high, or the panels are just resting a little low as the lower white lightbar sections of the back and sidewalls are being blocked by them...
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    Deagostini Falcon. Anyone seen this?

    Still nothing here from DeAgo.... starting to get ticked off about it... I shouldn't have to call their CS line to get them to remember to send them out....
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    Another big Falcon.

    Just as an FYI Pinousse all of your pics are offline... lovely Photobucket hosting issue.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE)

    Guys, please keep all spoiler info either marked as such or discussed in a separate thread. Thanks!
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    Announcement User Post Count Recalculation

    What others have said regarding the count... hell I don't post a lot but I at least had over 2k .... now I haven't even broken 1k in over 15 years, hehe.... Oye.... 15 years.... Lurker long before then too.... Now I'm feeling old....
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE) Just additional info regarding the temp removal. it's frustrating as I know they'll eventually be back in the game, but...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE)

    That's the problem, the game itself is great! Gameplay is fun and the visuals are fantastic! The problem is EA having DICE stuff the leveling system into a lootcrate that can be purchased with additional money beyond the cost of the game itself. Yes, all of the Star Cards, weapons, mods, etc...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE)

    Then your friend purchased lootcrates as that is the ONLY way to be able to unlock the characters that quickly. Which is, AGAIN, part of the problems with this game. They've incentivized spending MORE money on a game that is already AAA-title priced (price does vary depending on which version...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE)

    That's what's driving me nuts about this... The gameplay is AWESOME! Definitely better than SWBF1. The visuals are better than the first one as well... not that it was any slouch, Endor was fantastic. The character advancement being tied to the lootcrates is not good either. Still so torn about...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE)

    PLEASE Don't pre-order/purchase this. EA has reach "ludicrous speed" with it's cash-grabbing motives. Reading some of the comments by the CEO, and responses by the Devs on the various sites/Twitter/Reddit... Is just saddening. Lootcrates being tied to leveling; Heroes being behind paygates. The...
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    Deagostini Falcon. Anyone seen this?

    Cost was a major concern on my end as well which is why I went with the 2-year plan. Near the end I was able to do a bulk order to "catch-up" so it wasn't quite two years. But the price point on the the 2-year plan is what made my better half less angry, hehe.
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    Where are people buying mods for D'Ago MF?

    What Craig said... • DOA for Falcon-specific paints • Shapeways for 3D printed custom/more falcon model-accurate materials • Paragrafix for nice Photo-etched sets • Our Junkyard here- There are several nice creators in the junkyard that have lines of parts available...