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  1. AaronHorrocks

    Ripley's Grenade Harness from the movie ALIENS

    About 8 years ago I started making the "Ripley Grenade Harness", and call it that even though it's really a piece of USCM gear (United States Colonial Marine). I've gotten really good at these, and I make them with military spec components, rivets, JB weld, and sewing. Each individual component...
  2. AaronHorrocks

    WTB Pulse Rifle

    It's been almost 20 years. And some people try to discredit me by saying that I have a bad memory! ha! $700 almost 20 years ago... Unfortunately, I don't think it's holding it's value as it's almost the same as a Matrix/Snow Wolf pulse rifle, which costs around $360.
  3. AaronHorrocks

    WTB Pulse Rifle

    The "Japanese Kit" was the G&P kit, which cost around $400, and had to be put on a Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson, which in itself, cost at least $300. So together, you're looking at $700 plus to build the "Japanese Kit" M41A Pulse Rifle. Years, if not more than a decade later, Snow Wolf purchased...
  4. AaronHorrocks

    Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle: color "Desert" or "OD"

    For anyone with the Matrix or Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle, I highly recommend that you get the Rear Sling Adapter. We manufacture those, by the way. ;)
  5. AaronHorrocks

    Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle - Rear Sling Adapter

    If you have the Matrix or Snow Wolf pulse rifle, I made a "drop in" sling adapter that fits in the buttplate and stock. We did a production run of these in a machineshop, to get the cost per unit down. Made out of 1018 steel, machined, welded, and then parkerized like a real firearm part. It's...
  6. AaronHorrocks

    We Were Soldiers Collection

    As far as the M56 gear, that got put into my general stock. However, since I got soo much all at once, I was able to go through the pouches, separate them by 2nd Pattern and 3rd Pattern, manufacturer, and even date. And then, pair them together. So any pouches that I paired together, I was able...
  7. AaronHorrocks

    Want to Buy Rogue One Scarif Rebel Helmet Camera

    I know this is an old post, but there's no other replies. Did you ever get the stuff you need? If not, I make the rubber helmet bands. For Rogue One rebel troops, I recommend using 7/16" (+/-) thickness helmet bands, and getting two of them...
  8. AaronHorrocks

    We Were Soldiers Collection

    About 10 years ago I bought all of the M56 gear from 'We Were Soldiers'. A few hundred M56 Ammo Pouches, about 80 canteen covers, harnesses, buttpacks, belts, etc. There were about 10 or so M56 pieces that had holes, burn marks, fake blood stained on them. I ended up giving those away to...
  9. AaronHorrocks

    Taboo Indiana Jones OR other film props.

    No, because, like I said he considered them destroyed. He wrote on them with sharpie. He's a Military surplus dealer and has items reproduced. He sells and loans to movies, and like many of us that work with movie studios, "get burned". He didn't make paperwork that documented their use. I...
  10. AaronHorrocks

    Aliens: "Allen" Ripley costume

    These reference photos are awesome. I was looking at have someone commission several sets of "Ripley pants" to get the price per unit down. So I'd get a set for myself, and a couple others for other local cosplayers in different sizes. I just saved all of these for reference, if you don't mind...
  11. AaronHorrocks

    The Walking Dead finally ends with Season 11

    Negan bashing people's heads in with a bat was too much for me. I pushed through a few more episodes, between the neighborhood, and later into the HillTop or whatever, and that King guy. The props were getting sloppy and clearly fake. The writing was getting poor, and the situation was getting...
  12. AaronHorrocks

    Anovos not sending products out for years

    When it comes to unlicensed replica props, most makers "do it on the side". This means that they already have a regular job (usually), possibly a family, and other responsibilities. So these side businesses and side projects are fit in wherever and whenever they can. Life can get in the way...
  13. AaronHorrocks

    Please take a look at my film accurate cosplays!

    "Sarah from Labyrinth" was so spot on, in a scroll I thought it was a movie still for a second. Dorothy looks very accurate, although it's very overdone and has been for decades. "Rachael from Bladerunner" looks awesome, and I've only ever seen it done twice.
  14. AaronHorrocks

    Taboo Indiana Jones OR other film props.

    Because of the groups that I'm in and the connections that I have, I was offered the Jeep and Truck that were used in the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. M38A1, and M35A2, IIRC. Both were vehicles in great shape, however, often times as Hollywood does, they were painted wrong for the movie. These...
  15. AaronHorrocks

    HCG Motion Tracker

    There are plenty of videos on YouTube of the Master Replicas, check them out. I think the sound is better on them, however the display is not. While it's pretty good, it's a bunch of LEDs that run through a series of programs. So it's not really animated, doesn't move, and isn't smooth.

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