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    I'm gonna get a lot of hop-ons!

    Moffeaton, Did you ever finish up your Pork Chop Express? I'd love to see how your Jack and Wildman figures turned out.
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    Best decal programs

    My decal problem has been solved. I was talking with Jim at JBot Decals who it turns out is also a huge Kelly's Heroes fan. He asked for some information and images, did a little research and came up with this sheet for me. I'm a very happy camper. I'll post some images with the decals in place...
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    Cylon Centurion Kit With Electronics Upgrade

    How much would the postage be to T2E 2J8 Canada? Thank you in advance.
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    Plug fire cap gun replicas

    You could try Earn Cash Back at stores you, there are quite a few shops selling PFC guns and kits. You have to go from Home to Hobbies and then Airsoft & guns. There are kits still being produced as well as used guns from private collectors.
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    HELP! Tool Advice?

    Like Analyizer, I was working on a old MPC Eagle from Space:1999. The tools I used were small razor saws that fit into a standard Xacto handle. Mine were made by RB Productions but there are others available from Tamiya, Trumpeter, Mr Hobby and other various Japanese companies as well. I was...
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    Monty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur, The Knights of the Round Table, & Tim Costumes

    Sorry to say DrHoot13 but you link doesn't work, this is all I got; Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn. Let's split up, gang. If you're looking for an image, it's probably been deleted or may not have existed at all. If you are looking for groovy images, visit our gallery!
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    "MagnaTRON" Home Theater Room With Movie Props

    Hot Diggidy Damn, now that is what I call a home theatre !!! I love all the little nuances you've added like the Maltese Falcon (an all time fav) and the Atlantean Sword for Conan (also a huge fav). Watching movies down there must be a real treat.
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    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Headphones with antenna

    I can't make out the details from the photogragh but I did a quick online search and found these; Prop Hire - International AM/FM Mini Headphone Radio VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL AM/FM MINI HEADPHONE RADIO | eBay I found this video on Youtube; This image is a Aiwa HR-s01; And this set from...
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    Something different from Logan's Run - A Unique 3D printed particle cannon - Rubber Band Shooter

    I was wondering if lining/painting the barrel end and plug with chrome or silver would make it flash brighter. Seeing something metalic on the inside of the barrel would seem more realistic.
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    Where's all the BSG Costuming discussion going on these days?

    Frak Me !!!!! Those look fantastic, well done sir !!
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    Odeon Theater 1978 Edmonton

    Bloody Hell !!!!! That is fantastic, well done sir !!!!!
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    Logans Run Sandman Costume on a Mannequin

    This is my son in my 40 year old Sandman costume, he asked that I blur his face as he doesn't want anyone seeing him im one of my old costumes, Kids, sheesh, no sense of history. The costume was made by a great lady who sadly is no longer with us, RIP Judy. The collar is a bit short but I had...
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    Where's all the BSG Costuming discussion going on these days?

    I did a tribute costume for Doc Cottle last year and wore it to a couple of Cons. did the whole schtick with cigarettes and cigarette package, medical report for my Anovos clipboard. A friend did up a prescription pad for me as well. The second image is from VulCon 2018 with a new friend.
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    Star Trek TOS brown utility belt

    It would be nice if Shadowdale Creations had an email to ask a few questions.
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    1m long Omega Class Destroyer from Babylon 5

    Wow, it's just a little Shadow, ain't it cute?, Now go away kid, ya bother me. ;)