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    MattyCollector "Mattel Hoverboard" discussion

    As for the types of hoverboards and materials, here is a little background... News | Dreamworks designer John Bell reflects on creating Back to the Future's 2015 future world : Back to the Future -
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    MattyCollector "Mattel Hoverboard" discussion

    As for the board, if this entered the market any time before Profiles In History had the Mattel on display SDCC several years ago (the one that sold for 49K, and the release of BTTF on Blu-Ray. Everyone would probably had been ok with the release.... and then a few years later everyone would...
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    MattyCollector "Mattel Hoverboard" discussion

    I put some photos up on my bttf archives group page. Enjoy....
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    Back for the Future - Doc Brown

    The overcoat in private hands you are speaking of was the stunt one without the liner inside of it. I heard that the one on the Nike ad was the original screen used one.
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    Back to the Future

    One of the production covers was put onto a comic printed by Impact, I think it was a Spawn issue, but it is not correct to what was used in the movie, but it was a comic that was used for other productions. I know because it is sitting here in my collection. Several of the original first...
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    BTTF Match Made in Space Cover **DONE** PAGE 3!!!

    Re: BTTF Match Made in Space Cover UPDATED FIRST POST 11-25 Did anyone at the auction or the comic con notice if this cover had text on the dust jacket flap? The original one that George handled did have some text on it, but I didn't know if the one in the auction had text or not. The...
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    ICONS Authentic Replicas Interview clip?

    The comments about BTTF are pretty much right in line with what I remember back in the day. The comments about the hoverboards are spot on, here is a photo of the hoverboards in Universal's prop department in 1993, none of those seem right, colors schemes off and some materials appear different...
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    MattyCollector "Mattel Hoverboard" discussion

    Re: Mattel Hoverboard Doesn't the prototype images just look like computer generated renderings? They don't look like actual photographs to me.
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    BTTF Futaba Delorean Remote Project

    Good find.
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    BTTF 2 Pepsi Bottle scratch build.

    Evidence of a flip top Diet Pepsi has been on screenused for years, in the archive section. If in regards to screen time that we see, I would have to look through some stuff. They gave bottles to alot of extras to walk around with. One example looks to be a solid one on the making of Part 2...
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    Crispin Glover explains falling out on 'Back To The Future'

    What was referred to was probably what is in the third draft. Where Biff works for George only and does all the work for George. Biff has to write reports for George, Biff has to clean the cars. Then the McFlys also had a maid and were going to be moving into a new house with a tennis court...
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    BttF II Police Car Refs?

    The original police car went through several owner's hands. The current owner just lets it sit out in the elements rotting away. As Gene told me in the interview he has two police car bodies. Those are on flickr. One is a blue/black car that went to Japan as part of a promo show car and I...
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    BttF II Police Car Refs?

    News | Custom Car Builder Gene Winfield Discusses: Flying DeLoreans, Hovering Police Cars, and Future Ferraris : Interview about the police car and several other BTTF vehicles.
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    BTTF I/II Concept Drawings

    There is alot in there, but there is a ton of other stuff out there. Some concept stuff I have yet to see, the actual concepts for 1985A for example. Also there are a ton of concept art of the DeLorean that can only be seen in person if you catch Michael Scheffe's discussions. People at the...
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    BTTF I/II Concept Drawings

    This side view shows how the gear was meant to stick out to surround the driver of the time machine.

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