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    Indiana Jones revolver

    You may be interested to know that you can already get the Auto 9 in metal (with a plastic sleeve) that is easily modifiable to fire 3 round burst with the purchase of a small part sold alongside, just google KSC airsoft auto 9.
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    Limited Run The Child "Baby Yoda" Pose-able Replica -price drop

    I think you've done a great job and no constructive criticism needed! I just think the show is kind of lame so that might be it. Good price! Well done.
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    Altered Carbon Cortical Stack

    That's so clever and imaginative! It's a shame altered carbon sucked big donkey balls. Well done for the prop!
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    The Thing - Blood Props

    Finished! Happy with it - took me a lot of red/blue/black dye and stain mixing till I was happy with a blood colour.
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    The Thing - Blood Props

    Finally got around to getting the balls to do the final step - one mistake and it was all over with resin! Tried a few things before resin because I really didn't want to a) buy resin which is expensive and sticky b) have something that even a drip on the outside would ruin it permanently. Tried...
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    Interest The Expanse - Miller's Illuminated Hand Terminal - Price adjusted!

    me too if this is still happening!
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    The Thing - Blood Props

    Resins are stupid expensive when i only need like 50ml. That's what I was trying to avoid.
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    IKEA LEDBERG Light Mod

    If this is for a detolf shelf I would say it's the wrong tool to begin with. You don't want a single spotlight for a shelf - you'd get so much side shadow on faces etc. with only the top of heads illuminated! you need an LED strip around the edges and especially the front.
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    The Thing - Blood Props

    Right the glue isn't working as it doesn't flow so it would never be flat, would produce colour variations unless mixing up a massive batch, and it doesn't dry shiny - looks like paint. I've looked up lots of fake blood recipes but they are all liquid and I need a solid that looks liquid. I've...
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    The Thing - Blood Props

    Hi guys, The Thing has always been one of my favourite movies but the iconic alien spider head Norris cast has always been really expensive and IMO not great looking. I've always wanted something from this movie but didn't think there was many notable props in it beside the iconic alien. Few...
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    Any idea as to what type of pen was used for Gale Boetticher’s Lab Notes?

    Defo a gel pen. Maybe a pilot needle point? Try a Pilot g2 or one size thicker
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    Prop Museums in L.A.?

    Wow! no way! It's an auction place right? presumed you wouldn't be allowed to see the merchandise since it's for the bidders. Pleased to hear I will be pleasantly surprised by the warner bros tour.
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    Prop Museums in L.A.?

    Hi guys, Going on my honeymoon in September to L.A, San Francisco and Vegas. I know there's things like Universal studios, Warner Bros. and Paramount studio tours but I expect that they will simply show you around and maybe show you an old script and talk you to death about back in the 1970s...
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    New to Prop Making

    I think this would be something you'd be interested in:
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    Looney Tunes Style Ray Gun

    Incredible! Only thing that doesn't agree with me is the body is square and flat, when that era it was all about the curves and the chrome fenders. But personal taste. It is a work of art and I really love the blueprint on the box; really captures the style. I just saw you even made an...

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