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    TFA Stormtrooper/Captain Phasma - Build Thread

    Just had say how beautiful that bucket is...holy frikin crap is it gorgeous I was thinking about trying to do one for Halloween and this is def inspiring me to at least "attempt" it haha!
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    Iron Man, The God Killer. (Comic armour freehand build)

    That's flarkin' awesome dude (if there was a smiley for mouth wide open with drool flowing on both sides it would be right here) I finally caught up with the Builders/Thanos saga in the Avengers comics from last year and I really wanted to build this to say you've inspired me!
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    Nova Prime Helmet WIP (pics!)

    That thing is GORGEOUS! Love it, love it... My cousin and I are going to attempt Starlord/Nove Prime costumes for this Halloween so I hope it comes half as nice as yours. Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Kicking it Off with a Stormtrooper!

    Very cool stuff guys...definitely try to incorporate some of those in any future builds! 6/17/13 Finally had some time to work on my new bucket. Must say hot glue is a lot more efficient then trying to use rubber cement and the x-acto blade makes cutting the edges out a lot easier as well...
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    Kicking it Off with a Stormtrooper!

    Blaxmyth: I was asking my uncle about that (he's an automotive kind of guy so he's very familiar with resin/bondo) and at first he said there shouldn't be a problem with the rubber dissolving but as he thought about it more and more he suggested maybe we do a test run, lol. Timbog1: I'd be...
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    Kicking it Off with a Stormtrooper!

    bhodie: thanks, that's why I'm scared to even touch it, lol. Crank729: good idea...probably be in the best interest of both myself and the mask to get some practice. Thanks! And for the intricate parts (i.e. vocoder/earpiece) do you have any recommendations as far as household products I can...
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    Kicking it Off with a Stormtrooper!

    I'm actually really scared to strengthen it because, like I said, everything looks so neat and being this is my first build I'm not experienced with bondo so when I get to that step "I have a bad feeling about it". Anyone have tips on how to apply bondo as intricately as possible? Or do you...
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    Kicking it Off with a Stormtrooper!

    Day 1 - 5/7/13 So like I said I used regular printer paper as I figured it's much easier to cut with a scissors (now I know about exacto knives) and also used rubber cement since it works well with that paper (has anyone else ever used rubber cement for the cardstock? Or do you just recommend...
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    Kicking it Off with a Stormtrooper!

    So I fortunately came across the magic that is pepakura about a month or so ago. I wanted to do an Ironman mask to wear to the premier but I did very little research into actually doing pepakura, I printed the pages wrong, used tape...needless to say that failed. Then I came across Fierfek's...