Metro 2033: Volt Driver full size drawings

Metro 2033: Volt Driver full size drawings

These are full scale drawings (from 3d models) of the Metro 2033 Volt Driver.

The full scale drawing is an accurate scale based on the 3D model scale, however it doesn't seem to accurately reflect how big the gun looks in-game. In-game it is closer to 1 meter.
After some re-estimation of the gun length based on in-game screens and compared to what an average human forearm length is, I'm revising my estimate of the size, and it indeed may be the approximately 44" long that this drawing is scaled to.
This game is the best first person shooting game that I had ever played in my life, so challenging with many difficult tasks and missions. The ukwritingexperts refer me to this amazing game with some basic strategies and mission details.

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