Terminator Neural-Net Processor Cyberdyne Systems

This is my interpretation of the Cyberdyne Systems neural-net processor as presented to Miles Dyson upon completion of the neural-net project. The neural-net processor shown in the movie appears to be a conformal coated, three dimensional design, and I wanted to show the chips under the coating. This brain has fifteen, three dimensional chip modules with the silicon surface seen on both sides of the brain chip module. The case has an interpretation of the Cyberdyne Systems schematic on the top set on a rosewood platform. I was trying to design what I thought Cyberdyne would have gifted Miles when he completed his design and construction, thus the little bronze plaque inside. The brain chip is made of bronze and has 30 surplus silicon chips set into the front and back. The bottom of the chip module has a small 'write' switch. The box is cherry and the bottom plate is copper which protrudes a bit at the bottom.

Endiathetos, Sep 15, 2014
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