Sheet Metal Boba Fett Hemlet!

So im sitting around the week before Halloween 2014 and I have this idea to build a Boba Fett helmet. I find some templates and start cutting steel... 5 days and 37 hours later I have a helmet good enough for halloween. I know its not entirely movie accurate and not 100% complete... Its still a work in progress. I used a mix of mild steel and stainless steel. My concept for this costume was "Boba's night out" you know... His fancy suit and fancy helmet. After I finish this one I will make a more wearable one out of aluminum. This one weighs in at 8.3 pounds. I intend on doing a replica costume in the future. Its a good thing i have an english wheel to form all the other armor.

Dbag16bit, Dec 6, 2014
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