My Cinema

This is my place to escape for a few hours. The room is purpose built at 1/10th scale of a full sized cinema. The system is - Projector - BenQ W6000 1080P DLP Anamorphic Lens - CAVX "AUSSIEMORPHIC" MK5 Screen - 8 foot wide SmX 2K custom curved 2.37:1 Acoustically Transparent LCR Speakers - CAVX LCR x 3 [active]mounted in treated baffle array Surrounds - CAVX SUR x 4 [bipole] Sub-Woofers - CAVX SUB x 2 Wall Treatments - full absorption for the first 1/3rd and half for the other 2/3rds. CAVX diffuser tile. Processing - Pioneer AVR 7.1 THX Select 2 Source - Phillips BD player Speaker Cables - 12 gauge.

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cavx, Mar 14, 2013
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