I bought a replica C3PO Mask and found out its the real thing. Just talk to the head of Lucas films

I am happy and sad to find out what I thought was an alsome replica of C3POs mask turns out to be the screen used Mask from the last StarWars Movie made. I have been talking with the Head of Security at Lucas films and they authenticated it. They said it was stolen from the set in the middle of the desert. I am looking at this mask now realizing it is iconic. Its like having a child and realizing he is Micheal Jordan and I have to possibly give him up for adoption. They know I had nothing do with the theft of it and have made an offer to me to send it to them. What they are offering and what I am knowing now about the worth are oil and water. I have to say they are being nice to me at the moment. I appreciate that. What would you do? im trying to post pics