Gandalph Scarecrow/Costume

This is a Gandalph The Grey replica costume based on the Lord of The Rings Films (and other various LOTR artworks) to be created for the Cambria, California Scarecrow Competition. It will document my progress over the next 10 months. I understand that this cannot be a perfect replica and is an experiment in my abilities in woodworking, sculpting, and application of metal tape(which is very fragile compared to the hardened steel it is mimicking). This is a way to introduce myself and other family members into the Cambria Art Scene which is much cooler than I had expected. Once this character is finished I will pitch it to local businesses to be displayed in one of the sculpture gardens along the main street in Cambria because many of the higher end scarecrows have been stolen off the street. I expect ours to be eye catching due to the high level of detail we are going to try to maintain.
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