Farscape Peacekeeper Stasis Gun

This piece is inspired by the stasis gun carried by Captain Larraq. It was a specialized pistol used by Peacekeepers that was designed to stun and incapacitate rather than kill a living target. This piece is cast in white resin, and the black areas are hand painted with three coats of black enamel and then the piece is completely coated in a high gloss protective coating. The clear emitter on the tip of the gun has a 2600 mcd blue LED set in it (as reference a standard LED is rated at 1.5 mcd) that is bright enough it casts a visible 2' light on the wall at 10 feet. This is powered by 2 AAA batteries hidden in the gun accessible by removing 3 screws on the side of the gun, and it is triggered by the momentary switch seen in the pictures. This gun measures about 15" by 6.5"

FXArtist, Aug 23, 2014
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