Clone Trooper Phase 2 Faceplate Callsign 'The Alien'

A new project that I've been doing after being offline from this page for so long. Its basically some modifications on my Emerson FAST MH type helmet, simply to say a faceplate on my helmet. I was inspired to build it to look like Commander Cody's helmet....yet the visor, I've made it detachable, for practicality reasons. This one here is a mercenary themed soldier helmet, though I haven't been completing it fully yet..still, the main frame of the work is already finished, just to finish it with its paintjob and some finishing touches to go on with my mercenary loadout. Some of you might be wandering "Why I call it 'The Alien', well to put it simply, it's actually my nickname given from my uncle...for special reasons that is not needed to be explained first, I named it 'Chopperhead' but later I found that the name doesn't suits me, hence I chose the nickname that my uncle gave me...
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