Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 LT Simon GHOST Riley

My son loves this character so off to locating actual military garb to build it. -Yes that is a REAL STEEL STAG South Paw AR15! Not airsoft!! [SOLD during the divorce :-( ] -would say 1 of a kind as each one was hand painted GHOST Mask Balaclava. Purchased on eBay Oct 2010 from user stockwizzard for around $40 + shipping. -replica by Element Airsort: PELTOR Comtrac II Tactical Headset. It actually works. Does muffles exterior noises so it would be tough to hear your surroundings when out and about wearing this getup. -Tan Military Special Forces shemagh scarf -Black hooded Tactical airsoft Jacket -Imported from the UK Velcro BRITISH FLAGs. They Glow in the Dark too. -Tan color KO OAKLEY SI Military Assault Tactical Gloves. -Zoo York camouflage pants i had in my closet -US ARMY ALTAMA military government issued Desert Combat boots -BLACKWATER Bulletproof Tactical vest minus actual SAPI plates. This was around $1,000 MSRP? Paid a tad under $400.

80sKIDAutoman, Oct 3, 2014
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,000 MSRP? Paid a tad under 0." }