Blood Cup of Kali- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Blood Cup of Kali here. anyway... I started this project in September and finished it in October. I spent some time studying clips from the film since I never fully trust stills from the web. There are several production houses that make the cup. I learned alot about latex while working on this project. I have only used it minimally in make up work for student shoots. This though was pretty exciting. Let’s start from the beginning. I used a sulphur based clay I have laying around in order to make the skull and then I created a mold from half alginate and other half plaster of paris. I needed detail for one half(alginate) and just base shape for the other. You could say I was being stingy with the plaster. Tight budget. [IMG][/IMG] I attempted to do the same with the jaw and armature wire, but I wanted to explore another material I’ve used recently. I used Smooth-ons Task 9 to create the skull. If I had the color mixes I would’ve colored it when casting, but I had to airbrush it instead. Since I did not have a releasing agent spray for the mold I had to petroleum jelly it. The skull came out, but it had some bubbles it pot marking it. I used the bondo spot on putty and filled in the holes. After I puttied the head I worked on the jaw. I fused together several pieces of PVC sign plastic and then carved into it. For my first time carving teeth I think I did a good job. There are few spots I wold do different. I would like to get better at clay sculpting. It might save time even though the cost of molding it is higher then fusing some plastic together. I did also carve out the upper teeth from plastic as well so I could inset them into the resin skull. Next I had to consider all of the parts for the cup. The jaw is going to be glued on under the tongue(made of plastic) and the skull will be held on tight by a long threaded bolt attached through the top to the bottom of the cup. The rest of the cup is made from a plastic bowl, cake pan center, a piece of wood, plastic handle and all of it bondo-ed together. I tried to place the tongue so it would not spill a drop, but once you tilt it beyond a point it does pour out more. When we shot the skit I did have to stuff the area around the tongue with foam to block the excess pour. I also had to show the actress the correct angle to pour. Before attachment though I had to sand and paint the skull and jaw. I used an airbrush and acrylic paint. This is probably the 2nd time I’ve ever used my airbrush. The first being for the Portuguese Man-O-Wars for NQOS. I do not know what to used to protect it from coming off. When I spray paint armor I just use an enamel protective coat. I need to figure this out when it comes to latex. The latex kept the paint on the skull and jaw ok, but it was the paint on the latex that came off during the shooting of the skit. Not all of it, but when I cleaned the fake blood off during setups a little paint came off. Oh well. I did make the paint job on the skull and jaw browner since i want it to have a burnt on or dirty look. The person is of darker skin and since in the film they are in a volcanic area, the heat would affect it some. Just my opinion. I also made alginate molds of my ears to make latex ears. Creeepppy.=) After assembling all of these parts I had to latex the skull to give it that fleshy look. I will say this much… latexing is more time consuming then it sounds. You have to layer it one layer at a time and clean your brush in between each layer to give that layer time to dry. Day one I started around 1 pm and was up till 2 am latexing. When I got up the next morning I realized how off the ears looked. So I had to cut the ears out from the skull, trim another set down and then re-latex those areas and blend with the others. Spent most of the day doing that. Finally when done I decided to airbrush it. Here is the final product.

teranmx, Aug 2, 2012
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