Battlestar Galactica Fatigues (TRS)

A costume I put together for the 2014 October Comic Con in London. A fairly screen accurate copy of the Green Fatigues seen in the re-imagined series. The Basis is a Swedish military surplus jacket (Ordered from eBay). The pockets on this model were on the inside, so I actually ordered two, so I could have more storage on the Jacket by removing the pockets from one, and sewing them on the front of the other. Running the webbing and straps was quite easy (possibly the easiest part of the whole build) and looks completely accurate The shoulders are the bit I'm still not pleased with. The fabric is from some mock suede Ugg boots I bought from eBay. I unstitched the whole thing and cut pieces to size, but when sewn onto the jacket, it just doesn't sit as perfectly as I'd like. Finally, the cuffs, which are my pride and joy! After being bemused by information and screen captures, it suddenly dawned on me what was going on. Complete with webbing and clasps, as well as multiple buttons underneath, these cuffs are as screen accurate as I could ever have hoped for!

samuelgteague, May 30, 2015
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