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    STAR TREK - Type 1 Phaser Kit
    NEW from the Star Trek Experience store
    Price: $199.99

    This kit was created by John Long Props with the benefit of an original screen-used "Hero" prop as reference, and was released in commemoration of Star Trek's 40th anniversary. The kit includes all of the components necessary for you to assemble a completely authentic, full-scale, re-creation of the original Hero hand Phaser props used in the filming of the first Star Trek series. The Hero or practical version of this science-fiction icon had some very cool working features.
    Turning the thumbwheel would cause the acrylic "sight" to rotate upward, lifting the sight cowling and simultaneously extending the clear acrylic "Beam Emitter" out from the solid brass emitter housing.
    Pretty neat huh? It gets better.
    Once the emitter is fully extended, and at full rotation of the sight, the emitter lights up via a miniature incandescent light bulb. The really fun thing about the light-up feature, is that the light bulb (or GOR lamp) was placed in the tip of the emitter so it was plainly visible as it is actually outside of the housing (or barrel) when fired. This was designed to provide a clear point-of-origin for the post production artists to zero in on when creating the animated beam effect.
    These props were true works of art.

    Everything from the sleek and futuristic styling of the fiberglass body, to the ingenious internal mechanism, is a beautiful testament to the talent behind Star Trek.
    Now for the first time ever this incredible piece of science fiction history is available to you in a fully licensed, fun-to-build collectorÂ’s kit. This kit enables you to build a totally accurate, museum quality replica of the actual studio filming prop. Not a toy, not someoneÂ’s idealized vision of what a Starfleet weapon might have looked like, but a true re-creation of what was used on set back in the 60s. Your limited-edition kit comes complete with very detailed step-by-step instructions, a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity, and a full color collectorÂ’s box that will beam you back to the time when you first fell in love with Star Trek.

    Please note: This kit is a lot of fun to build, but it is somewhat advanced and definitely requires adult supervision.

    The assembled Phaser pictured is the one built for the box art, and is shown as an example of the finished item. Also, the "box art" Phaser was built to exhibit the handmade appearance of the original screen-used props. You can build your Phaser to look like a brand new piece of 23rd century field equipment or a 40 year old studio prop. It's up to you.
    Again, your Phaser will be in kit form, and will require assembly.

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    And NOT for the novice builder either believe me.....

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    As you can see... other than the plexi site, the two shells and the front piece. All other metal bits-n-bobs are all raw materials which will require bending to appropriate shape, silver soldering and fitting into the shells. So far we've only seen a couple build ups but it seems quite a few were purchased upon the release several months ago.

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    Mine is almost done, I just had to redo the pivot arm for the emitter because I had it sitting too high. If I get some free time I might be done in another week, Then on to making a 1st Season version.
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    It's true a good deal of parts are in a raw form, but many are cut to the appropriate shape already including the sight hood. Having purchased the kit, I must say it comes with phenomenal instructions that are wealth of prop building knowledge and technique to make those bits and bobs quite functional.

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    It's actually not all that difficult a build. In fact, some of the best
    build-ups I've seen of this kit, were actually done by people who
    had no major prop-making experience. As for some of the parts
    needing to be bent? Yes that's true. But we're talking about some
    light-gauge brass pieces, not titanium

    It's a fun kit, and what you have when you've finished, is an
    extremely accurate re-creation of the actual screen-used prop.

    John Long
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    when is the type 2 coming out .......... great kit BTW

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    I built one up, they are fun build. You do have to bend some of the metal but it comes precut so it's fairly easy (I used a nail and bench vise to accomplish all the bends). I would think most kit builders could pull this off without any problems (and learn a lot in the process). It looks much more intimidating when you see the parts than it is.

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    This is a GREAT kit. I'm almost done with mine right now. The silver soldering was a breeze even though I've never done it before. It's a bit like building one of those old "FM Radio Kits", but when you're done you end up with a gem of a prop. I'm hoping for more of these.

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