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    Dec 5, 2010, 2:50 PM - Sao Feng POTC Map WIP #1

    I am planning to get started on the Sao Feng map from POTC At Worlds End, but I'm missing only one thing to go foward with this. A good picture. I found one good image in The_Eli's WIP thread from about a year ago but it was'nt good enough to me and I am wondering if someone else has a better shot. And just to let those people know that were burned by The_Eli I am known as Nintendude on the 405th forums and I am a very giving person, if I do decide to start a run thread of these in the future, anyone who did not recieve thier map from The_Eli, will get one from me for no cost except the price of shipping to send it to them, I will need some kind of confirmation that you paid for one from him in the past in order to get one from me for free if you did not recieve one from him that will be all I ask. Now what I plan to have done is the same as what The_Eli was doing is having them printed on 4x6 brown bamboo blinds, now if someone can help me out with a good image I can get started on this project.
    The image I have is this one and even though it's good it has the crease in it with brightness in some areas that would either need to be fixed or a better image of it.
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    Dec 5, 2010, 2:56 PM - Re: Sao Feng POTC Map WIP #2

    Well, I was the one who originally provided the_eli the screencaps. I had done my own exhaustive search for the map earlier, and came up empty. I'll try again and see what crops up, because this is an awesome item, and deserving of a proper replica.
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    Dec 5, 2010, 3:15 PM - Re: Sao Feng POTC Map WIP #3

    I work for a print shop and my brother works for a home improvement store so if the printing can be done where I work that will cost little or nothing to be printed and my brother gets a big discount on stuff from his work, if I do a run of these they will most definatly be a lot less than what he was charging which from what I can tell seems like people were being overcharged.

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