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    Aug 28, 2011, 5:19 PM - Resin Pressure Casting: Are C.A.Technologies Resin Pressure Pots safer to use? #1

    I'm interested in getting into pressure casting with a pressure pot. I've read a few threads on the dangers of pressure casting and am somewhat concerned about getting injured.

    I really get paranoid reading about "close-call" stories of people's pressure pots exploding and narrowly missing their body/head. Yikes!

    I was told that C.A. Technologies produces a pressure pot that is meant for resin casting that is teflon lined, made of steel and has more secure clamps versus the widely used Harbor Freight brand pressure pots. Supposedly, the way the clamp style is designed, it provides a more secure connection for the lid. Is this true? Or just opinion? Also, does the fact that it is made of steel matter more? What are the HF pots made of?

    Here is the link to the C.A. Technologies resin pressure pot: C.A. Technologies Resin (Mold) Casting Pressure Pots

    Has anyone used this particular pot? I do like how the clamps do seem more secure but can anyone confirm? I would also appreciate any insights/opinions on topics of safety regarding pressure pot casting. Thanks.

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    Aug 28, 2011, 7:16 PM - Re: Resin Pressure Casting: Are C.A.Technologies Resin Pressure Pots safer to use? #2

    I've been pressure casting in my home shop for a long time without incident. I started with a 2 gallon HF pot charged to 25psi. I'm currently using an old 5 gallon paint pot charged to 45 psi. In both cases the pots were charged well below their max pressure. Years ago I use to pressure cast for a living and the pots there had clamps that were no better than the HF's. I've never heard any horror stories but that is not to say these things shouldn't be taken for granted. To tell the truth I'm not that concerned about a close call as long as the tank is in good working order and used properly. I'm not familiar with the C A pot put it looks like over kill to me. The Teflon coating would be nice to have, making cleaning up spills easier but I can't see paying extra for it.
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    Aug 28, 2011, 9:31 PM - Re: Resin Pressure Casting: Are C.A.Technologies Resin Pressure Pots safer to use? #3

    Wow for the price difference forget about it, the HF pot is plenty safe if you take basic precautions...

    If you have the money to blow, swap out all the 'bolts' on the HF pot for stamped grade 5 bolts at the local hardware store, and you can ever replace the 'wing' bolts with regular bolts, then use an electric impact wrench or even air wrench or ratchet to quickly tighten and loosen the lid (I use an electric impact wrench all the time with my smaller pot) In addition to the regulator on the air compressor (set that one to about 65psi), mount a second regulator on the pressure pot dial it to just under 60 psi, and swap out the HF built in blow out with a new 60/psi blow out and you will be golden... If the blowout blows, slightly drop the tank regulator until you find a happy spot...

    That is three layers of protection for over charging... The working pressure rating of the HF pot is listed as 60 PSI, you can safely bet that it will take more so triple regulating it below or at 60 is plenty safe...

    60 psi blow out

    1/4" Air Compressor SAFETY RELIEF POP OFF VALVE 60 psi | eBay

    New 1/4" air compressor safety relief valve 60 psi | eBay

    Attached is a picture of one of my tanks air input, notice the automotive female quick connect... This is reverse of normal where the tool generally has the male end, but it's done on purpose, if you look at the regulator it gender bends the connector back to male for the hose to plug in... My vacuum pump has a fixed male plug on it... When I want to use the tank for pressure I put the regulator on and plug the air hose on, if I want to vacuum I simply remove the regulator and hook right in to the female quick connect...

    You can also see the blow out protection in the picture... The other picture shows the universal vacuum/pressure gauge...

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