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    Jul 10, 2010, 10:00 PM - Phone Booth from Bill and Ted #1

    What model is it, or was it made just for the film?
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    Aug 16, 2011, 9:29 PM - Re: Phone Booth from Bill and Ted #2


    Is that the booth used in the first Bill & Ted was made for the film. THIS IS ONLY A GUESS, but I'm actually suspicious that there MAY HAVE BEEN multiple booths of varying sizes as it seemed to grow (or shrink) as needed for various scenes. The only time that everyone is seen in the booth at once (minus Napoleon) is when they are standing up through the door in the circuits of history. There's no way that all of them fit in there at once. Lots of movie magic...walking out the back, which probably pulled away etc etc etc. The made it bigger but you can't make it too big or it'll be completely unrealistic.

    Regardless of being studio-made, the booth was BASED ON the tri-panel booths made by Benner Nawman. (Benner Nawman now sells construction equipment as telephone booths are no longer being built)

    This is my booth here:

    It is NOT exactly the right booth, but I will modify it to make it more correct. Panels will be added, with panel framework, the door reversed, the roof needs to be re-worked with the antenna added.

    I DID however discover an interesting thing. I've looked at these tri-panel booths since the release of the film. Some seem to be wider than others which made me think that the entire booth was larger than it's counterpart. My first thought was to get two booths and combine them into one. I needed the one I bought as it has the phone and the door. (Booths where I live don't have doors) But then I could remove the glass and install the panels and frames from the other booth. But now to do that...I'd need 3 booths. Why? My booth is DEEPER than it is WIDE.....and the counterpart booth with WIDER than it is DEEP. So I would need the panels from the back of two of the counterpart booths to make my sides. If that makes sense. So it looks like I'll just make them from scratch.
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