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    This was posted here on the prop forum (full review of one of my whips)

    Review: Nylon Bullwhip in the Indiana Jones Style, Earpick run.

    <div class='quotetop'>(Rogue428 @ Sep 15 2006, 12:15 AM) [snapback]1320575[/snapback]</div>
    I was lucky enough to get in on a run by RPF'er Earpick, of Indiana Jones style 16 plait whips. I, myself purchased a 10 foot version in dark brown nylon. Throughout the project we received frequent and detailed updates and the turn around time was surprisingly fast.

    I received the whip today and of course had to go out and try it. I've had whips before, but mainly just cheapy leather ones that I could pick up south of the border (one of these is what I was using for my display and it was so innacurate it kept bothering me). Well, when I cracked this sucker, I actually felt fear as well as exhilaration. The sound this thing makes....well this is the sound that will make Egyptian sword-bearing assassins back right up. No joke.

    He even included a CD with a video on the care and maintenance of the whip and a brief lesson on how to crack it.

    James, I can't thank you enough. You're a credit to the hobby.

    Here's the whip in the left half my display, which is at last complete.



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