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    Jul 2, 2014, 9:41 PM - How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #1

    I'm sure people have asked this before, I know I have, well I actually found a way that actually works and is pretty easy.

    I found how to do this from a Youtube Video, I'll post the link at the bottom if anyone wants to see it but it's a bit disorganized as the creator seemed to be doing it almost as if he was figuring it out as he went along.

    There is only one small downside (minor annoyance really). Every you want to open you'll have to drag and drop the install file somewhere. Ill get back to that.

    Step One: Download Wineskin. It's essentially an application that ports Windows based software. It's a free software and very easy to install. Remember to drag it to applications, I lost it initially after install and had to search through my files to find it.

    Step Two: Once installed it will be labeled as Wineskin Winery, open it up.

    Step Three: You'll see a little window pop up that says "Installed Engines", the video tells you to install WS9Wine1.5.14 but I installed the latest and it worked. Either way you'll want to press the little plus button on the bottom right. A drop down bar will appear with all the different versions. Pick one of these two then press "Download and Install".

    Step Three: Go back to the main window and press "Create New Blank Wrapper". Essentially what you're doing, to my understanding, is creating the actual app to port the Windows programs. You'll be given the option to name it, I left mine as the default "MyCoolWrapper". Press Ok. If a window opens up about installing something just press cancel. A little window will pop up saying that your app was created, locate it and drag it to where you can find it.

    Step Four: Go and download Pepakura Viewer and/or Designer. Make sure to save it as a file. Find the .exe files for these in your downloads and move them if you want to the same place as MyCoolWrapper.

    Step Five: Take the program you want to run drag and drop it on top of the MyCoolWrapper icon. You'll get a series of windows as if you were installing the program. Just go through the process, make sure to decheck create windows shortcut as they won't work. NOTE: This is the minor annoyance I had mentioned earlier. If you close your app you'll have to do this step over again in order to run the software. It really only takes a few seconds and for me is very much worth it.

    Step Six: After install you'll receive an error message that says something like "Invalid Operation". Just press ok and wait a few seconds and BAM Pepakura will open up and you'll be in business. If you have a code for Pepakura Designer you can enter it, if you close out and redo step Six you won't have to reenter it even though it seems like you're reinstalling.

    And there you go, you should now be able to use Tamasoft's software on your Mac. You could probably use other Windows software but I haven't tried it out so I'm not sure on that. The only thing I haven't been able to do is print to PDF.

    One last note: if you want to print straight from the software go through the same steps. When the print window opens it will go through all the pages but your actual printing window won't open, there will be no icon bouncing up and down on your task bar. Just wait, your printer should start a few seconds later and spit the pages right out.

    So there you go. I hope I've helped a few people. This was such a great thing for me as I had been left with using a 10+ year old IBM laptop without internet in which I had to transfer all the files. Now its just one, two, three.

    And finally the video link:
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    Jul 3, 2014, 6:01 AM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #2

    Nice, I tried something similar to this (used other versions of those bottle thingy apps) a few weeks ago and it didn't work at all, gotta try it with your instructions later at home! Thanks for letting us know!
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    Jul 3, 2014, 9:55 AM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #3

    I need to try this when I get home! I thought I would have to give in and use Bootcamp to run Windows apps on my Mac. I've been resisting it for years, and now maybe I can go on resisting actually installing Windows
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    Oct 12, 2014, 9:53 PM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #4

    Thanks, it worked for me! I registered just t o thank yo man!
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    Oct 15, 2014, 3:54 PM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #5

    Bless you good sir!
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    Oct 21, 2014, 9:03 PM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #6

    thank you so much! cannot wait to get started!!
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    Dec 18, 2014, 2:00 AM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #7

    You have just made my life a bucket load easier!
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    May 24, 2015, 11:39 AM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #8

    Thanks, I was stuck running up one floor to look onto the PC when I was stuck, now I can have a look on my MacBook.
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    May 24, 2015, 2:04 PM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #9

    Thank you! I bought the full version but hardly ever used it because it was such a PITA to reboot into Windows and transfer files back and forth.
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    Apr 30, 2016, 3:41 PM - Re: How to get Pepakura viewer/designer to run on a Mac #10

    Anyone out there using mac 10.11 with pepkura designer? I'm completely frustrated with he viewer on mac 10 and hope my problems will be solve by purchasing the designer any inside appreciated.

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