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    Aug 27, 2013, 12:02 PM - Nightwing custom t shirt / costume shirt #1

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    Supplies: c9 black t shirt. blue fabric paint (depicted) . roller and brush. Blue painters tape (not shown).

    got bored, was donating clothes came across a cheap $4 c9 black shirt, thought to myself, hmmmmm idea. see i wanted to do a custom nightwing hoodie but didn't wanna blow a hoodie with a botched paint job.....TEST RUN!!! either way i get a workout shirt cuz if i botch it who cares. SO i picked up some fabric paint, a roller, a brush and some blue painters wall tape. only slight seepage from not securing teh tape well but all in all pretty successful! 3 coats. need to iron it and wash it and see what we get. but looks/feels like brand new logo shirts from hot topic. very fun. great way to spruce up ur old shirts for workouts!!! whose ready to deadlift in nightwing gear??? THIS GUY!

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