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    Actually a bit north of Houston in Magnolia.

    Texas Renaissance Festival

    Be anything or anyone you want to be, just pick your fav themed weekend!

    Themed Weekends for 2012 Texas Renaissance Festival

    It's actually cool and a little nice here in November. Early October, however, can still have some rather warm afternoon temps--just in case you're considering a full body latex suit of some kind

    Have fun Y'all!!


    Themed Weekends 2012

    Oktoberfest | October 6th & 7th
    Raise a tankard as we open the festival in true Oktoberfest style. Journey to Bavaria and the Black Forest as the air echoes with traditional German music and dancing. Dance a polka, feast on Bratwurst and sauerkraut, quench your thirst with a stein of beer and join in the fun with...
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    1001 Dreams
    | October 13th & 14th
    Magical fantasies come to life as wizards, elves and faeries enchant the streets of New Market Village spreading joy throughout the shire. Become part of the enchanting celebrations by participating in the Fantasy Scavenger Hunt, show off your magical finery in the Fantasy Costume Contest.

    Pirate Adventure
    | October 20th & 21st
    Set sail for a swashbuckling weekend as the crew of the Pride of Bedlam invade the shire with their piratical shenanigans. Visit the Pirates’ Cove for the finest in treasure and booty, quench yer thirst and sing songs of the sea at the Sea Devil Tavern and more.

    All Hallows Eve
    | October 27th & 28th
    Ghouls, goblins and spooks abound as all things creepy emerge from the mists to pay homage to our Queen on Halloween. All will delight in His Majesty’s Annually Decreed Tricks or Treats outing. Admire the carved Jack-o’-lanterns that glitter in the moonlight.

    Roman Bacchanal
    | November 3rd & 4th
    Friends, Romans, Countryman. Toga! Toga! Toga! Join the Italian Court in an extravagant Roman Bacchanal. When in Rome, do as the Romans: seek wisdom from the oracle of Delphi, toss a Bocce Ball, enjoy a Pasta Eating Contest and show off your Centurion physique and more.
    Barbarian Invasion | November 10th & 11th
    Uggh! You! Weakling! Join in the barbarian invasion! The Barbarian King, and his band of barbarian buddies try to prove themselves civilized citizens of the realm. Compete in rowdy contests of barbaric fashion: Worst Dressed Barbarian, Barbarian Battle Cry, and more.

    Highland Fling
    | November 17th & 18th
    The Queen of Scotland beckons all of ye to throw on your best kilt and join the fun. Imbibe in one of the many ales or indulge in a Scotch egg, enjoy the energetic pipes and drums of Tartanic for a rocking highland good time, and Lads and Lasses should put their best knees forward.

    Celtic Christmas
    | November 23rd, 24th & 25th
    The festivities concludes as thoughts turn to Christmas and the gates open for a three day weekend following the Thanksgiving Holiday. Shoppes shine with Christmas décor and the sounds of the season are heard throughout the village.

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