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    Aug 30, 2012, 3:59 PM - Platinum Silicones and Sulfur (need advice) #1

    Alright, so... once again, I done Effed up.

    I'm gonna preface this by saying this is going to be my first run working with platinum cure silicone. I thought I had all my info but I missed a key part, which is why I now turn to the experts. You lovable folks. The RPF.

    I was working on a project that required a final version in Dragon Skin or EcoFlex. Excited to work with these materials I dove in head first. I did my research and needed to get to work on a sculpt pretty quick. I found that finding something locally with a great big "Sulfur Free" label is... well I couldn't find any. I took to online and found people recommending some low-sulfur suggestions that could use a Tin-Cure Silicone for molding.

    "Problem Solved!" I thought to myself. "I'll make a Silicone Mold from the Tin Cure and then cast the final with the Dragon Skin!" (I know, I know now. Hindsight)
    Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil I went to order my materials. I double checked the Tech Sheets (I double checked before the order! I have that much sense at least XD), and discovered the all important warning about Tin Cured Silicone causing problems in the curing process of Platinum Cure Silicone.

    I had considered doing the Tin Cure and then making a plaster of paris cast, but no- I'm back to a sulfur problem there right? I then thought "Well, what about resin?" but then ran into a lot of question about whether or not that falls into any of the other materials that cause problems with Platinum Curing- and turning up squat in my research.

    So my question is this... with the sculpting already done, am I stuck having to go back and re-sculpt? OR is there a way/material I can use to make a mold and a cast of the sculpt in something that will be Platinum Cure friendly?
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    Aug 30, 2012, 6:39 PM - Re: Platinum Silicones and Sulfur (need advice) #2

    Never fear, you're fine! Yes clay with sulfur will inhibit the curing of most silicones. In addition, plat cure silicone will not cure properly in a tin cure mold. Solution, a resin negative mold. I like to use Epoxacoat Red by Smooth On for the gel coats and then move to epoxamite with some fiberglass cloth or matting (whichever you prefer) for the outer layers. The end result is an extremely strong, extremely light mold that you can cast silicone in no problem. The other amazing thing is that you arent casting silicone into silicone so no release is needed when doing the castings. Your plat cure silicone wont stick to the epoxacoat. However, i like to spray some ease release 200 in there just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps
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    Aug 30, 2012, 6:47 PM - Re: Platinum Silicones and Sulfur (need advice) #3

    Have you looked into Bond FX? It's a product produced by the makers of Fuse FX silicone paints that will allow Platinum Silicone to cure over Tin Silicone. I'm not sure if it will solve your sulfur problem, but you could always get a small bottle and run a test.

    FuseFX product Canadian prices

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